Aluminium glass facade

Choosing an aluminium glass facade for your house gives it a modern and sleek aesthetic while allowing ample natural light to flood the interior. Discover the benefits and considerations of incorporating an aluminium glass facade into your home.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium glass façade? 

A glass facade, also known as a curtain wall, is an architectural feature that involves the extensive use of glass on the exterior of a building. Popular for both residential and commercial structures, they have many advantages.

First they provide a modern and visually appealing look. Traditionally associated with modern buildings, they can increase your house’s aesthetic appeal regardless of its architectural style. With their clean lines and minimalistic designs, they give a contemporary look to any home and even the most traditional house will appear lighter and more enticing.

Not only does a glass façade increase the aesthetics of your home exterior, it also improves its inside, allowing natural light to penetrate, thus creating an open and bright atmosphere. It allows you to bring panoramic views of your surroundings inside, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

With over 60 years of experience, TECHNAL provides excellent glass façade solutions that are highly customisable. We select quality material and innovative designs to make sure you enjoy you home peacefully.

TECHNAL: customisable aluminium glass facade

We offer custom sizes including large units for maximum transparency with minimal sightline (floor-to-ceiling glazed walls up to 12.25 m² in size).

Our aluminium frames and cover caps can be finished in various colours and textures. They can even be anodized to enhance their appearance and provide additional protection against environmental factors.

Cover caps of our TENTAL facade are available in various sizes and shapes which gives you the flexibility to choose between a wide range of aesthetic expressions. Choose a grid design for a uniform and balanced look. Flat caps are perfect for modern and sleek buildings and provide a clean and uncluttered aesthetics. Vertical line allows you to emphasis on the height of your house while horizontal line places the emphasis on its width, making it suitable for a range of architectural styles.

Our TENTAL facade can be paired with our other products range, namely glazed doors, fixed windows including transom windows and sidelights as well as operable windows.

TECHNAL aluminium glass facade: maximum performance

TECHNAL glass façade solutions offer excellent performance. They incorporates drainage channels to manage water infiltration. And not only is water kept at bay, heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home is also minimised so you can save on energy bills and enjoy your space with all the comfort you deserve. Speaking of comfort, all our products have excellent sound insulation properties for a quiet and private environment. 

Our glass façade solution also keeps you safe as they meet RC2 and RC3 classifications and offer enhanced protection against burglary attempts. 

Last but not least our glass façade solutions are sustainable and part of the circular economy as our products are made of recycled and recyclable material for a sustainable future.

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