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Elevating home aesthetics and performance in Jersey

Santara, Jersey

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  • PhotographerJohn Kees Photography
  • FabricatorPallott Glass & Windows
  • Main ContractorHacquoil & Cook Ltd
  • CitySt Lawrence
  • CountryJersey

Elevating Home Aesthetics and Performance in St Lawrence, Jersey

In the picturesque landscape of St Lawrence, Jersey, there's a dwelling that harmoniously combines innovation with aesthetics. It's not every day that homeowners pursue a vision that blends the lure of contemporary elegance with the robustness needed to combat the unpredictable Channel Island weather. However, the Santara Residence does just that, and with panache. The challenge for such an architectural endeavor was multifaceted. The goal was not just to design a home that mirrored the modern aspirations of its owners but to also ensure that it had the backbone to stand tall against the elements. With the heady mix of strong winds, saltwater, and rapidly changing conditions, the Channel Islands demand more from homes than most other locations.

The collaboration between the project team and fabricator Pallot Glass & Windows was a match forged from the need for expertise. Their choice of materials, specifically the TECHNAL windows and curtain walling, was a nod to modernity while addressing the practical challenges head-on. These windows, apart from being style statements, come equipped with advanced polyamide thermal break technology. This means the residents get the double benefit of high thermal performance without the excessive cost usually associated with such premium installations.

But beyond just the windows, every facet of this residence is a study in thoughtful design. The entrance, for instance, artfully blends the facade elements with a bespoke timber door, culminating in a fully glazed rear elevation that offers breathtaking garden views.

This wasn't just another assignment for us. The design, particularly the glazed wall for the main entrance, is an architectural statement. Rising a story and a half with a novel glass-to-glass joint at the corner, it's emblematic of the innovation homeowners seek today.
Paul Bourke, Director at Pallot Glass & Windows

The Santara Residence stands today as a testament to what's possible when vision meets expertise. It's more than just a modern architectural marvel; it's a beacon that showcases how homeowners can, with the right choices, create spaces that are both breathtaking and built for the future.

To potential homeowners seeking inspiration, the Santara Residence isn't just a home; it's a symbol. A symbol that with the right collaboration, materials, and vision, the sky's the limit. Or in this case, the scenic, challenging, and awe-inspiring vistas of the Channel Islands.

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