How to choose your products

We guide you through you through considerations you need to think about when choosing TECHNAL products.

What are your needs?

The choice of your products primarily depends on your needs. Whether you want to change the flow of your living space, gain new perspectives to outside spaces, or enhance natural light and brighten up your home – numerous solutions are available. Performance, design, comfort, usability... TECHNAL helps you gain clarity and provides you with a wide range of solutions that adapt to all your desires.


If you wish to enhance your home with windows and doors that seamlessly and discreetly integrate into the environment, or if you're looking for products with distinctive designs we have got the products you need. TECHNAL are able to meet your aesthetic wishes with a wide range of design and colour options.


If you seek excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to reduce energy loss, lower your bills, reduce outside noise and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons, our products can fit the bill. Our easy to understand guides help you to choose the right products for your home, with our fabricators assisting you every step of the way.


If you dream of XXL glazed surfaces for maximum natural light and expansive openings towards the outside, TECHNAL products can open the wall and let light into your home. Our facades also enable you to create a glass wall, allowing you to enjoy expansive views from the comfort of your own home.


All TECHNAL doors and windows meet UK and European security standards, allowing you to rest easy knowing that what's important is being kept safe. With certifications on products for PAS-24 and Secured by Design, we make it easy to protect your home from break-ins.


TECHNAL offers various product options with seamless, lowered thresholds for easy access to individuals with reduced mobility (PRM).

What type of product style to choose?

At TECHNAL, we know that style is a personal choice. That's why our range of products comes in different aesthetic lines to match your desired design.


Characterised by sleek visible profiles and straight lines, exuding a simple and clean aesthetic.


Marked by gentle curves and contours, giving windows a cosier appearance.


Inspired by wooden framed glazing with beveled and molded lines, ideal for character-rich homes.

What type of application to choose?

Depending on your choice of products, numerous configurations are possible.


Number of glazed panels, type of opening, shape and filling - choose from windows, doors, sliders and facades the application that suits your home and needs.

What type of glazing to choose?

The choice of glazing depends on the orientation of your openings, your need for natural light, the room's use, and your expectations in terms of security, thermal and acoustic insulation.


The glazing consists of a combination of two 4mm glasses separated by a 16mm air cushion. Commonly referred to as 4/16/4, this is the most used type of glazing.

The reinforced thermal insulation (ITR) option guarantees enhanced performance (50% increased insulation), achieved through a transparent metal layer sprayed on the interior surface of the exterior glass sheet.

Thermally insulated glazing allows you to optimize your glazed areas without worrying about heat loss. Moreover, by increasing the capture of natural light, it helps reduce energy consumption related to lighting.


This technical principle offers the same benefits and characteristics as thermal glazing. The modification applies to the thickness of the exterior glass. To attenuate noise nuisances (busy street, car traffic...), the thickness of the exterior glass changes from 4mm to 10mm, thereby reducing the air cushion from 16mm to 10mm. The double glazing becomes 4/10/10.


Safety glazing combines thermal glazing with a safety laminated glass (multiple glass sheets bonded together with a transparent plastic film).


Double glazing combinations can also be offered as triple glazing. Composed of three glass panes and two air gaps, triple glazing offers better insulation than double glazing, but it's heavier and less bright. Therefore, it's particularly suitable for north-facing windows.


Double glazing can incorporate aluminum profiles called glazing bars or georgian bars. TECHNAL offers four types of glazing bars. Made with aluminium, they can be coloured, adding a more traditional touch while maintaining excellent thermal insulation. Additionally, maintaining these glazed elements is simplified.

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