Contemporary Design

Design has always been ingrained in the DNA of our window and door systems. Modern, full of character and sleek, you will find the perfect style for your home.

Aluminum products combining aesthetics and modernity

For contemporary homeowners, design has evolved to embody a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality and individual expression. As living spaces become reflections of personal style and values, contemporary design emphasises clean lines, open spaces and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor environments. The modern home is no longer just a dwelling, it's a curated space where innovative design meets daily life, ensuring that every corner resonates with your unique identity and aspirations.

A blend of design, innovation, and comfort – a true promise of harmony for all.

When it comes to home improvement involving aluminium products, design stands as a primary consideration. At TECHNAL, we make design a pivotal step in the creation of our windows, doors, and other sliding systems. That's why we offer an extensive range of modern aluminum solutions to meet all aesthetic needs.

Designs for every taste and project

Each new-build or renovation is unique. This is why we provide a wide variety of styles for our aluminum building systems. Whether you require windows or doors with clean and minimalist lines, bolder shapes, or character-rich designs, our products will adapt to your style and provide an unprecedented signature to your space.

A wide variety of finishes and colors for perfect harmony

Personalisation of aluminum products plays a vital role in achieving perfect harmony with the environment. This is why we offer an extensive range of finishes that enhance aluminum through the play of material and light effects. We pay special attention to color treatment, combining the full range of RAL colours and various material effects (anodized, lacquered, textured, frosted, and weathered). Regardless of your style, it ensures finding the shade, texture, and touch that will elevate your home.

Handles to enhance your products

The handle is a functional and essential aesthetic element in housing, requiring careful selection. Multiple combinations are possible to personalise your aluminium product choices.

With a design that's both sleek and elegant, our new collection of EXCLUSIVE® TECHNAL handles engage the senses. This range offers the option to personalise handles, creating a unique, timeless, and functional visual signature.

This EXCLUSIVE® collection includes the SELECTION and TEMPTATION ranges. They are available with lacquered or anodized surface finishes and are offered in various shades

Our TECHNAL Authorised Fabricators are here to support you

Spread throughout the world, our network of authorized fabricators advise and guide you throughout your project. With a wealth of experience, they are available to guide you through your project from start to finish.

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