A Nordic-style villa

Minimalistic and open to the surrounding environment.

  • PhotographerMaxime Dufour
  • FabricatorCONSTRU - Aluminier Agrée TECHNAL
  • CityCroix
  • CountryFrance

Nestled in Crois, just beyond Lille in France, this single-storey villa is a testament to the elegance of Nordic design. Its minimalistic beauty and expansive embrace of the outdoors serve as a shining example for homeowners seeking a harmonious blend of style and nature.

A dance of space and presence

The TECHNAL products, chosen for their sleek lines and minimal sightlines provide the perfect design to allow for expansive views with maximum incoming light. The combination of two concealed vent sliding doors paired gracefully with sliding windows spanning an impressive 19 metres creating a glazed wall with views to the outside.

This shimmering glass wall bathes the south-facing common spaces and master suite in natural light. TECHNAL products weren't just chosen for aesthetics, but for their high-performance and water resistance offering the occupants comfort throughout the seasons.

As warmer days arrive, the glazing stretches open, inviting you to immerse fully in the garden's allure.

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