Design and Innovation

Design, aesthetics and performance - discover the advantages of TECHNAL.


The unique style of TECHNAL products increase natural light coming into your home for your comfort. Whether you prefer for minimalist, contemporary or more traditional aesthetics, TECHNAL wide range of customisable solutions will enhance your interior. Your home will reflect who you are and express the inner you thanks to:

  • A wide range of solutions

  • Many possible shape option

  • A large colour palette

  • An exclusive collection of handles

Research & development

R&D teams work daily to develop greener, higher performing products and solutions to meet your expectations in terms of energy efficiency, well-being and acoustic comfort.

Therefore, we have our own test and innovation center on our Toulouse site. All kinds of preliminary studies are conducted at the prototype stage, as well as multiple tests on finished products: mechanical strength, opening-closing, maneuverability, shocks, thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance ... And since 2016, our test and innovation center has integrated its own acoustic laboratory.

Testing is also carried out in the UK by independent bodies to ensure they meet the standards required to meet all relevant standards.

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