TECHNAL quality is based on its multidisciplinary expertise which includes all aspects of the product.


We believe that every detail makes a difference. Staying one step ahead is something we constantly keep in mind when designing our products. Design encompasses everything from functionality, respect for the environment, ergonomics, energy efficiency, integration, and customisation. Well-grounded design where development and technology meet in an aesthetic form is paramount. This may involve integrating the smallest modest design detail that although small, nevertheless contributes to the balance of the entire project.


TECHNAL's quality is based on multidisciplinary expertise that includes all aspects of the product. Raw materials, design, service, surface treatment, accessories, software and more are all considered when making our products. We are certified according to ISO 9001, which guarantees quality to suppliers as well as customers.


For almost 60 years, innovation has been the foundation of the brand. Our main priority is to offer effective solutions to meet energy efficiency requirements and to focus on our customers well-being and comfort. This is why we undertake national and international testing on our products to ensure they meet the standards you expect in terms of mechanical strength, thermal performance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.


Thanks to innovative solutions for sustainable buildings and a clear environmental strategy, we can build a greener and better future together. The construction industry current accounts for 40% of global environmental emissions. To continuously improve and become even more sustainable, TECHNAL have designed products made with materials that lower the carbon footprint of buildings and reduce operational emissions when in use. As part of the Hydro Group, TECHNAL's values are also based on preserving natural resources, reducing CO2 emissions and waste, ensuring employee safety, and guaranteeing high-quality, both in terms of products and our standard of living.

We take care of our customers