Aluminium fixed windows

Aluminium fixed windows are a popular choice for their durability, sleek design and sustainability. Discover why you should consider them and how Technal can help you with installing thermally efficient and stylish fixed windows.

Why choose an aluminium fixed window?

Also called picture windows, fixed windows are a type of window with a fixed frame that cannot open. While it might be a surprising choice for some, fixed windows actually have a lot of advantages. Visually stunning, they are a great option if you want a large window and more natural light. Because they don’t need handles, hinges or rails, they tend to be quite sleek and undistracting, which is perfect to maximise the light and views. 

Additionally, their inability to open makes them very safe as they are made of thicker glass and are burglary resistant. Not only do they protect you from intrusions, they also keep the elements at bay: more thermally efficient, they are designed to prevent heat transfer.

When you look for fixed windows, it’s important you choose the right material for your frame. Aluminium fixed windows are more resistant and weather efficient. Aluminium is also a sustainable product. TECHNAL uses end-of-life recyclable aluminium for all windows and doors.

Great customisation potential with TECHNAL

With over 200 colours and finishes, TECHNAL allows you to fully personalise your aluminium fixed window. You can choose from our extensive range of frame and vent designs and make sure it fits the architecture and decor of your space. 

Our SOLEAL NEXT windows are available in XXL size up to 3.0 m high and 1.6 m wide, allowing you great freedom of design so you can make sure your future fixture perfectly fits your home’s layout. Our product offer allows you to match all your windows and doors for a consistent look throughout. You can choose from many window configurations with both fixed windows and movable windows with different opening types.

Safe and efficient windows

TECHNAL aluminium fixed windows are high performance. Their thermal resistance, air permeability, watertightness and wind pressure resistance are among the best. Thanks to our modular design, our windows meet several thermal performance levels so you can choose your window depending on the climate you live in.

TECHNAL windows also offer great acoustic performance so you can enjoy your space peacefully. Top-of-the-range acoustic insulation means outside noise won’t enter your home. This is particularly important if you live in a busy area.

At TECHNAL we value your comfort which is why our aluminium windows provide great performance and comply with most international regulatory requirements

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