Aluminum glass door

Choose from our range of aluminum glass doors the one that will seamlessly blend with your home. With TECHNAL, create a unique glass door design.

Why choose a TECHNAL glass door?

As a passageway into your home, it is crucial that your door meets a few technical and visual requirements. After all, along with your facade, your entrance door is the first impression to your home. But remember, there’s more than just looks to consider. Your front door must always be secured and insulated. If you want to increase natural light coming into your home, you can opt for a glazed model. Glazed panels will bring light and warmth whilst also being modern and contemporary. They let the sun’s rays filter through, erasing the boundary between inside and outside. 

Our aluminium profiles contribute to the unique visual identity of our glass doors. Resistant and robust, our aluminium glazed doors will provide protection against external threats. Our bespoke glazed doors combine aesthetics and performance. Enjoy your aluminium glass door all year round and open up your horizons to nature. 

How to choose the right aluminium glass door

Whether you’re renovating or installing, a custom aluminium glazed door will add a modern, aesthetic touch to your home. To flood your interior with natural light, consider an XXL glazed door. At TECHNAL, we can help you carry out your most ambitious projects. Depending on the layout of your home, you can choose between inward or outward openings. You can also choose a single or double-leaf aluminium glazed door. We can even create designs for your projects using sidelights or transoms. Our aluminium glazed doors can be adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements, with an emphasis on simplicity and elegance. We provide you with several opening options and thresholds for a fully customisable finish. 

TECHNAL: made-to-measure glass doors 

With Technal you can customise your glazed door down to the smallest detail. Handles, decor, and finishes: every single element of your glass door will match your taste and the style of your home. Flexible and versatile, our range of SOLEAL glazed doors suit all types of project. Our door profiles from our contemporary range are slimmed down to maximise glazed surfaces for extra light inside your home. You’ll love the sleek design of our bespoke glazed doors. We can insert solid panels with silk-screen printings or stainless-steel trims to decorate your glazed door. Choose from a palette of over 200 colours and 280 aluminium glazed door models. 

TECHNAL aluminium glass doors: high performance features

Our thermal break profiles provide optimum insulation. Our glazed doors limit heat loss as well as heat transfer. You'll also be protected from noise pollution thanks to our glazing capabilities. Soundproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing and security: our high-end glazed doors will meet all your requirements. Your safety is our priority. Our TECHNAL glazed doors feature a sophisticated security system that makes your door highly break-in resistant. All peripheral locking points have been reinforced and our multi-point locking systems secured so you can enjoy your door, peace of mind guaranteed. With TECHNAL glazed doors, technology and innovation go hand in hand with bespoke design.

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