Aluminium bathroom window

Select the bathroom window that best suits your home from our diverse range. With TECHNAL, design a distinctive bathroom window with a unique style and colour palette.


Why choose an aluminium bathroom window?

The bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in the house. This is why ventilation is particularly important. Bathroom windows are needed to prevent excess humidity and to provide ventilation. In aluminium, they also contribute to your home’s aesthetic. TECHNAL offers eco-friendly, durable bathroom windows. We are committed to providing you with the latest innovations for your aluminium bathroom windows. Your comfort is our top priority. Our bathroom windows benefit from cutting-edge technology, combining design and performance. They will meet your needs and enhance your home. With our three different lines of bespoke bathroom windows you will easily find a perfect match to complement your bathroom. Your bathroom window will respect the architectural style of your house's façade and blend harmoniously with its surroundings. Our network of manufacturers and installers put their expertise at your service to provide you with high-end bathroom windows.

Choosing the right aluminium bathroom window

To choose your TECHNAL bathroom window, you’ll need to take into account the dimensions of your bathroom. If you have the space, dare to go big for an extra bright room. Our made-to-measure bathroom windows can be up to 2.70 m high. You can choose between single and double-sash bathroom windows.

French opening windows

This type of window is particularly suitable for your bathroom window projects. They will meet your needs for ventilation and light, while providing a high degree of thermal comfort.

Bottom hung windows

For smaller bathrooms, you can opt for bottom-hung windows. In addition to saving space these windows prevent intruders as they only open from the top on a horizontal axis.

Tilt & turn windows

Tilt & turn bathroom windows combine the best features of both previous types. As they can be opened in two ways, this type of window will meet your ventilation needs while being very secure.

Louvre windows

Finally, depending on the characteristics of your environment, you can opt for the SAFETYLINE bathroom window. Also known as slats, this type of windows features movable blades for optimised ventilation and protection from the sun. Ideal for tropical and hot climates, these bathroom windows are particularly weather-resistant and can be fully motorised to enhance your comfort.

TECHNAL: made-to-measure bathroom windows

Window handles

From handles and styles to colours and finishes, you can fully customise your aluminium bathroom window. Our TECHNAL bathroom window handles feature a clean, minimalist design. With functionality in mind, we have created aluminium handles that are both sleek and elegant. Our exclusive range of handles is available in several shades of colour, with lacquered or anodised finishes for a unique look.

Customisation of your bespoke windows

Our SOLEAL ÉVOLUTION bathroom window opens up a whole new world of possibilities thanks to its many customisation options. For a clean, modern look, opt for our contemporary line of aluminium bathroom windows. If you want to give your bathroom more character, take a look at our traditional line with its authentic, rustic style. Finally, choose your bathroom window from our classic range if you prefer a timeless look with soft, rounded shapes.

TECHNAL aluminium bathroom windows: optimal performance to improve your comfort

At TECHNAL, your day-to-day peace of mind is important to us. The 4-point locking system of our aluminium handles guarantees extra security. In addition to its security, our aluminium bathroom windows are also highly insulated. They have great heat insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing. The slimness of our window profiles allows for optimised thermal break glazing, which contributes to your comfort all year round. Our custom aluminium bathroom windows offer a unique visual identity and a new way of living.

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