Aluminium tilt & turn window

Choosing the right tilt & turn aluminium windows for your home can greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Discover the key factors to consider when selecting tilt & turn windows and make an informed decision for your space.

Why choose TECHNAL aluminium tilt & turn windows?

Tilt & turn windows are becoming increasingly more popular. Combining 2 types of opening in one, they are incredibly versatile and suit any architectural style. They open inward and provide a variety of ventilation options. In fact, there is no need to fully open your window for a breath of fresh air as the tilt function allows the air to quickly escape from the top of the window.

This type of windows are also more secure as they incorporate robust hardware and multiple locking points. The tilt function also adds extra safety to your home as it allows you to ventilate it safely without opening it fully.

TECHNAL’s tilt & turn windows are made of sturdy recycled end of life aluminium for guaranteed safety and are high performance. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be fitted with 2 to 6 point locking systems, with or without key. Aluminium is key to a long lasting product and our tilt & turn windows are built to last. 

Our top-of-the-range tilt & turn aluminium windows are fully customisable from the frame, handles and glazing to the size and colours. With our numerous options you can create a unique interior decor that suits your taste.

How to choose the right aluminium tilt & turn windows


Before choosing your aluminium window you need to determine the size and number of leaves you’ll need. With our SOLEAL range, you can choose between 1 or 2 leaves. This range includes options of large sizes (height up to 3m) and concealed fittings for a truly sleek and minimalist result.

Additionally, TECHNAL offers a variety of handles which can be anodised or finished in a wide range of colours. The frame of your future window can also be customised, depending on how visible you want it to be. Opt for our visible opening frame for a stylish and high quality finish. And if you prefer fine and subtle lines, our minimal frame will be perfect for you.

Security & performance

TECHNAL tilt & turn aluminium windows can be fitted with several locking points for extra safety. Additionally our windows are tested and passed the relevant burglar resistance tests.

All our aluminium tilt & turn windows offer great performance including high thermal resistance, air permeability, watertightness and wind pressure resistance. Note that low heat transfer allows you to save on energy bills for a sustainable home. Our tilt & turn windows’ high specifications guarantee your everyday comfort and protect you from the outside world.

With great acoustic performance, TECHNAL tilt & turn aluminium windows are suited for urban environments. They allow you to reduce noise pollution inside and offer great sound absorption.

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