Thermal & acoustic insulation

TECHNAL, a renowned French company in the field of aluminium joinery systems, is the ideal partner for everyone interested in the insulation of their house or apartment.

Why choose TECHNAL to insulate your home?

With our reputation for excellence, our know-how and our innovative vision, we have become a benchmark in France and around the world.

TECHNAL: a trusted partner in home insulation

Our high quality insulation service ensures customer satisfaction. TECHNAL places great emphasis on creating quality insulation products and services. Each product is manufactured using durable, high-performance materials, in compliance with strict quality control standards. Our homeowner clients are provided with reliable and long-lasting insulation solutions.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at TECHNAL. We invest in research and development to offer high-quality insulation solutions. Our engineers and designers work tirelessly to improve the thermal performance of our products and reduce energy loss. Thanks to our constant advances, we are able to offer insulation systems with optimum energy efficiency, enabling homeowners to save on their heating and air-conditioning bills.

Durable, high-performance thermal insulation

Insulation plays a crucial role in your home's comfort and energy efficiency. TECHNAL insulation products are designed to meet the specific thermal and acoustic insulation needs of homeowners. We offer a complete range of customised solutions from windows, doors, conservatories, railings to pergolas and gates.

TECHNAL windows, for example, feature high-performance double-glazing systems that guarantee optimum thermal insulation. Our doors are also designed to provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation. They help maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home while reducing noise disturbance. We've also developed advanced insulation solutions for conservatories for all year round usage. Last but not least, our railings, pergolas and gates are also carefully designed to provide quality insulation

Improve your home's soundproofing for optimum comfort

Soundproofing is crucial for your comfort. Quality soundproofing reduces noise from outside and from your neighbours. Choose TECHNAL for your renovation project and ensure your house or apartment stays quiet. We work with experts to help us design effective products with great thermal and sound insulation performance. 

Our quality windows, doors and conservatories ensure peace and quiet in your home. We'll listen to you every step of the way to develop tailored solutions for all your needs. We will insulate your home with innovative design products.

Home insulation: essential criteria to consider

In addition to our quest for excellence and innovation, we are committed to preserving the environment through sustainable insulation solutions. The TECHNAL team is aware of the impact of its activities on the planet and strives to reduce its carbon footprint. Our insulation products are designed to minimise energy loss, thus promoting a more efficient use of resources.

The effective insulation we offer will result in significant energy savings. By reducing heat loss in winter and maintaining a pleasant temperature in summer, our customers can reduce their energy consumption and, consequently, their energy bills. This sustainable, cost-effective approach makes us uniquely placed to deliver environmentally and budget-conscious solutions to homeowners.

In addition to their exceptional insulating performance, our insulation products are also distinguished by their aesthetics and bespoke design. Our company works with renowned designers to create insulation systems that combine functionality and style. 

A complete, turnkey solution for residential insulation

We offer a complete turnkey solution to meet the specific insulation needs of homeowners. TECHNAL is proud to offer a wide range of insulation products for every part of the house: windows, doors, conservatories, railings, pergolas and gates. Each product is custom-made, guaranteeing precise installing and optimum insulation performance.

By choosing TECHNAL, homeowners are choosing innovation and energy efficiency. Our insulation systems incorporate the latest technology to guarantee maximum energy efficiency. Our windows, doors and other products are designed to reduce heat loss, prevent drafts and improve acoustic insulation. These features allow homeowners to create a comfortable indoor environment while reducing their energy consumption.

TECHNAL is the ideal partner for homeowners looking for top-quality insulation solutions. Thanks to our team of experts, we focus on quality, innovation, commitment and design to create insulation products and services that meet the specific needs of each project. Choosing TECHNAL means choosing excellence, efficiency and sustainability. Trust us to insulate your house or apartment and invest in both your comfort and in a more sustainable future, all the while saving on your electric bills. Don't wait any longer to improve your home's insulation and get in touch with our team. We'd love to help you!

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