Aluminium steel-look window

Aluminium steel-look windows offer an industrial appearance with the benefits of aluminium properties. Choosing this type of window for your home provides numerous advantages in terms of looks and performance.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium steel-look window?

Windows made of aluminium but designed to resemble the appearance of steel have numerous advantages. Unlike steel, aluminium is lightweight, low maintenance as well as rust and corrosion resistant. By mimicking the look of steel, this type of window can retain the property of aluminium while still providing a sleek and industrial appearance. If you’re looking for an Art-Deco or industrial styled solution without the hassle of steel, a TECHNAL aluminium steel-look window is your best bet.

How to choose your aluminium steel-look window

First before you choose your aluminium steel-look window, you should decide on its size. Large windows provide a lot of natural light while small windows can serve as architectural accents. Window placement is equally important: finding a good spot requires you to take into account sunlight, privacy, ventilation and views. The same applies to choosing the opening type of your future window. Fixed windows for instance have slim profiles and therefore can bring in a lot of natural light. However, they cannot be used to ventilate your home. Tilt-and-turn windows are great for ventilation but tend to have bigger profiles. As they open inward, they might require you to make space for them inside the room by moving furniture. Finally, you should always consider your security needs before designing a window. A primary safeguard against home intrusions, they help secure your home so you can enjoy it peacefully. For this reason choosing your windows’ frames and locking systems is of utmost importance.

TECHNAL: customisable steel-look window

TECHNAL allows you to design custom size and shape windows. With our XXL options you can maximise natural light and views. A traditional rectangular or square window will fit any architectural style. Elegant and classic, arched windows also work well with industrial steel-looking windows. We offer over 200 colours and finishes so you can create something truly unique. If you like the industrial appearance of steel-look windows, we recommend you choose one of our shades of black. Next is hardware. We offer exclusive handles for all configurations, guaranteeing uniform style across your home. Choose between our traditional, minimalist and classic options. They can each bring a different feel to your industrial steel-look window. Opt for one of our minimalist opening frames with concealed fittings for a sleek and minimalist steel-look window. Finally, our range of windows allow you to pick between different opening types so you can make sure to craft the perfect window for ventilation, sunlight and aesthetic appeal. Fixed frame, bottom-hung frame, 1 and 2-leaf opening frame, tilt and turn frame and more: you’ll have plenty to choose from. You can also add transoms, side lights and fixed lights to your future window.

TECHNAL aluminium steel-look window: maximum performance

All TECHNAL joinery offers exceptional thermal, acoustic and weather performance to help you maximise your comfort. We manufacture our products using top-quality materials, ensuring excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to reduced heat transfer you can lower your energy bills and enjoy a cosy home. High-quality materials also play an important role in security. Your window should protect you from home invaders which is why we offer advanced safety systems including multipoint locks, reinforced hinges, anti-drill lock systems, anti-hinge removal systems and reinforced locking points. Our products comply with different security standards and thus guarantee your safety.

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