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Modern aluminium windows offer numerous advantages including sleek design, enhanced performance, and durability. Discover the benefits of choosing these windows for your home.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium modern window? 

If you are looking to replace your windows or need new ones for a construction project, you might be wondering what style will suit your home best. 

Modern windows have many advantages. On top of their aesthetic appeal they are often made of aluminium which not only looks modern but is also durable, easy to maintain and thermally efficient. For these reasons, sleek aluminium windows can elevate the look of your house and its retail value. It improves both your facade and inside your home. 

How to choose your aluminium modern window

The first thing to consider is frame material. If you are seeking a modern look, it’s important you choose a modern-looking material such as aluminium. At TECHNAL all our windows are made of sturdy and recycled aluminium. It allows us to design clean and contemporary lines as well as durable and easy to maintain products. 

Once you’ve picked your frame’s material, you can then move on to colours. For a modern look, dark colours are recommended: opt for greys or blacks. Neutrals or matte finishes can also do the trick. 

After window frames, it’s time to move on to sizes and window styles. Modern windows tend to be quite spacious. You want to bring as much natural light as possible. Large panes also allow you to create an open feel and visually connect the inside and outside of your house. Casement windows are perfect for such aims and provide unobstructed views. The same applies to fixed windows which lack movable parts such as hinges or sashes, making them sleek and modern.

Last but not least, make sure your future window fits the architectural style of your home. Modern windows look great on a variety of architectural designs.

TECHNAL: customisable aluminium modern window

TECHNAL offers custom sizes and shapes for your windows so you can design something unique that truly matches your needs. Large sizes are available as well as window combinations so you can create that modern feel. 

All our windows come in a variety of colours and finishes. Choose between several shades of greys and blacks and design something modern and elegant. And if you want a window with a little more pizzazz, opt for one of our metallic finishes; they are modern and sophisticated. 

Additionally, accessories such as hardware can also be customised. First, you can choose our SOLEAL minimal opening frames with “clip-on trim”. With clean lines and concealed hardware, they look modern and sleek. Next, pick from one of the many handles we offer. Choose something simple and elegant to match the chosen aesthetic. 

Finally, choose a modern type of windows such as a fixed window, a casement window with 1 or 2 leaves, an integrated or stacked composite assembly with transom or side lights. Our SOLEAL range of windows has everything you need. 

TECHNAL aluminium modern window: maximum performance

Technal’s aluminium modern windows are crafted from sturdy and durable metal. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we use recycled aluminium to create long-lasting products so you don’t have to replace them. Easy to maintain, our modern aluminium windows only need a yearly wash with water and soap to be kept in good conditions.  

The SOLEAL range offers great security. With various combinations (up to 6-point with or without key locking systems), it keeps you safe from burglary. It also offers exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. Available in thermal break versions, our windows minimise heat transfer between the interior and exterior, for improved energy efficiency.

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