Aluminium glass window

When choosing a glass window, consider factors such as the type of frame material, safety features, and sizes available. This guide provides tips on how to select the right glass window, particularly by focusing on aluminium frames, safety considerations, type of openings and sizes.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium glass window? 

Windows are openings into the world. It’s important you take the time and care to choose them properly. Good quality windows can make a statement and drastically improve the look of your home. They can also increase its value. It’s clear this decision is not to be taken lightly but what are the criteria to take into account?

First it’s important you decide on the size of your glass windows and their shapes. Small windows also called picture windows have plenty of advantages namely they are safer, offer more privacy and can be strategically placed to act as a focal point or bring the perfect amount of sunlight. Large windows are great for ventilation, abundant sunlight and blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Next you can opt between different types of opening, each offering unique features and functionalities. Some of the most popular include casement windows which have a single or several sashes that open with the help of a handle and sash windows which are made of two panels that slide up and down. Your choice will depend on what looks best to you, your ventilation needs, security needs and the layout of your home. 

Once you know what type of glass window best suits you and that you’ve made sure it matches the architectural style of your home, you can opt for the material of the frame. Aluminium is one of the best materials for windows. It is lightweight, sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Very easy to maintain, it can last really long and resist most climate. Aluminium windows don’t require a coat of paint every so often and need simply to be washed yearly with soap and water. TECHNAL uses sturdy recycled aluminium in all its products to make sure they last longer and are environmentally friendly.

TECHNAL: customisable glass window

Our bespoke windows can fit in any space. Our range of windows are available in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can create something truly unique. You can design combinations of windows and add transom windows or fixed windows with custom shapes to your configuration. We also offer many different types of openings to meet your preferences and needs. 

Colours are also customisable with TECHNAL. Wirth over 200 colours and finishes including metallic and anodised, we are sure you can find something to your liking. We have bright colours for modern spaces, neutral for traditional decors and much more. We also offer a large choice of modern and traditional handles to fit all styles. 

TECHNAL aluminium glass window: maximum performance

The aluminium used in our glass windows is sturdy and offers excellent performance. Easy to maintain, you are guaranteed to keep your window for a very long time. Aluminium also provides a high level of resistance to forced entry which, combined with our multi-point locking systems, makes our product burglary resistant. 

With double and even triple glazing, our windows have excellent soundproofing. They keep noise pollution at bay so you can enjoy your space quietly. Their thermal performance is equally great: thermal break technology helps minimise heat transfer between the inside and outside so your home stays comfortable and your energy bills low.

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