Aluminium glass roof

Choosing the right aluminium glass roof for your space is important for maximising sunlight and enjoying the benefits it brings. Explore the pros and factors to consider when selecting a glass roof for your home or building.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium glass roof

Glass roofs for both residential and commercial buildings have a great many advantages. Not only do they look stunning, they offer excellent performance and help you save energy thanks to the increase in sunlight. Versatile, they can be used in various applications including in conservatories, atriums, skylights, and extensions. If you like being connected to the outdoors, glass roofs are the right solution for you as they provide you with panoramic views of your surroundings so you can gaze at the sky, nearby trees or the cityscape. TECHNAL aluminium glass roofing solutions are a great way to modernise the look of your space. With their large custom size, they give your home a real boost and allow a lot of natural light to come in. Your space is brighter for longer throughout the day which improves your mood and helps you save energy. We only use the best materials and parts to make sure your custom windows and doors offer the highest performance. Our aluminium glass roofs excel in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure and impact. The aluminium used is both sturdy and eco-friendly: we only work with prime quality aluminium made with recycled end-of-life metal.

How to choose the right aluminium glass roof

Great customisation potential with TECHNAL

At TECHNAL all our products come with a great customisation potential. When it comes to glass roofs, you can choose from several configurations: single pitch, double pitch and pyramid so you can design a completely unique glass roof for your building, house, extension or conservatories. Outward openings are also an option which can come in handy for ventilating your home. Additionally, you can choose between grid aspects and vertical tram aspects. Finally, a wide range of finishes and colours are available so you can create something truly unique that matches the style of your building or house.

Safe and efficient

We make sure our products fulfil all important standards and regulations. Our SPINAL Roof light’s air permeability class is AE1200 Pa. Thanks to its large glazing infills (13 to 53 mm), it offers great thermal and acoustic insulation so you can, regardless of your environment, enjoy your home in peace. We only use the best material to guarantee long-term performance so you don’t have to repair or replace your windows. We can create custom projects that match all your requirements.

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