TIGAL - Pull & Slide

Slider designed to keep out the elements.

Sliding door with multi-point perimeter closure and patented weather tightness

TIGAL is a hybrid solution, combining the usability of a sliding door with the high-performance of a window.

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Dependable Protection

Patented water-tightness guarantees exceptional performance - up to 4 times greater than a standard sliding system.

Easy to Use

TIGAL has been designed to be easy to use, offering you smooth and quiet operation. The Slider can be used with minimal effort.

Micro ventilation

TIGAL can be used in a 6mm offset from the opening position, providing your home with secure micro-ventilation.

Superior acoustic performance

For a peaceful home, TIGAL delivers up to 45 dB sound reduction.


In keeping with our DNA, we have paid particular attention to TIGAL’s balanced and modern aesthetic, by combining sleek lines and concealed hardware.


Designed for optimal user comfort, TIGAL offers innovation with its secure micro ventilation system and provides smooth and silent operation.

Comfort & Accessibility

TIGAL features superior acoustic performance and large glazing sizes to increase natural light and wellbeing. The patented water-tightness system guarantees exceptional performances, up to 4 times better than a standard sliding door.



Up to

0,85 W/m²K


Up to

45 dB






Up to

Class 4


Up to

Class E1200


Up to

Class C5

Environmental performance

We offer high-performing products, and our aluminium material contains at least 75% of recycled and 95% of recyclable content.

Lower Carbon Footprint

By using Hydro CIRCAL© aluminium, with just 2.3 kg CO2e/kg of aluminium, we provide a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint is reduced by more than 85% when compared with the global average for primary aluminium production.

75% recycled

Our products are made with Hydro CIRCAL© aluminium, an alloy made with at least 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium.

95% recyclable

Our products are 95% recyclable. When we design our solutions, we design for circularity by making sure their dissambly and re-use at the end of their life is taken into account. This reduces the amount of items sent to landfill, and ensures that less resources are removed from the Earth.

Fully Certified

Ask your fabricator for your Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) so you can see how sustainable your product choice is.


Handles are a finishing touch, with our exceptional range, ease of movement, ventilation and high-end aesthetics are guaranteed.

Colour and Finish

From neutral tones to metallic finishes, you can adapt your TECHNAL aluminium windows to suit your taste. Dual-colour options even provide the choice of two different colours inside and outside for the ultimate customisation.

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