Aluminium bi-fold doors

Explore our selection of accordion-style folding doors tailored to seamlessly blend with your home. With TECHNAL, craft a distinctive accordion door featuring unique design and color options.

Why choose aluminium bi-fold doors?

A door is the passageway from one space to another, often the inside and outside of the home. It plays a key role in the architecture of your home. That’s why special care must be taken when choosing your doors. A bi-fold door is a space-optimising folding door. Its structure is made up of a main leaf and secondary leaves that fold smoothly onto each other. 

Nowadays, doors need to combine practicality with design and technology. Easy to maintain and durable, our aluminium bi-fold doors are fully customisable to suit your tastes and desires. Thanks to our many customisation options, you can build and install the made-to-measure bi-fold door of your dreams. We can even renovate or repair your bi-fold door to optimise its potential. This type of door is ideal for small spaces such as apartments. Our XXL sizes are perfect for opening up your space. The price will vary depending on the surface area of your project and the level of customisation.

TECHNAL bi-fold doors are the perfect way to restore harmony between indoors and outdoors. With this type of door, boundaries are erased and your horizons opened to the outside world. What better way to create balance between your home and garden. 

TECHNAL: made-to-measure bi-fold doors 

We can fully customise your bi-fold door, from colour and texture to handles and finishes. We've developed three lines if you want to change your bi-fold door. For modern villas with minimalist designs, opt for our Contemporary bi-fold door. If you’d rather emphasise your home’s rustic, old-fashioned style, our Traditional line will be perfect for you. You can add decorative elements including mouldings and joint covers. Anodised, metallic or metallised, your bi-fold door can be adjusted to suit your every need.

At TECHNAL, we’ve designed exclusive, innovative door handles that perfectly combine ergonomics and aesthetics. Your handle will add the finishing touch to your bi-fold door project and blend in perfectly with your joinery design. You can even opt for combinations of lever handles and pull handles. Take customisation a step further with our SOLEAL bi-fold door available in over 280 models. 

TECHNAL bi-fold doors: technology meets safety

In addition to providing a passageway between the inside and outside, your bi-fold door needs to be efficient and secure. Our bi-fold doors are highly airtight and can resist weather conditions including rain or wind. As aluminium is both lightweight and robust, your bi-fold doors will stand the test of time. When it comes to safety, we at TECHNAL want to offer you the very best in technology. Our aluminium bi-fold doors feature our multi-point locking system for added security against break-ins. You can opt for automatic locks or key locks, depending on your preference. 

Your comfort also depends on the insulation performance of your bi-fold door. All our aluminium joinery offers exceptional thermal, acoustic and soundproofing performance. You can enjoy your home in peace and quiet, in complete safety. What’s more, we offer optional wheelchair-accessible doorways that allow wheelchair users to enter easily. In short, our bi-fold doors combine exceptional insulation, burglary protection and a unique visual identity. 

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