Aluminium curtain walls

Choosing the right aluminium curtain wall for your building's facade is crucial for aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Learn more about Technal’s innovative range of products made of recycled end-of-life aluminium.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium curtain wall?

Curtain walling is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential construction projects. And that is not without good reason as they have many benefits including great thermal resistance and luxurious aesthetics, all the while allowing plenty of natural light to enter your space through a glazed wall. TECHNAL aluminium curtain walling allows you to maximise your outdoor view and brightness inside with a minimal, slimline frame. Our aluminium curtain walling is compatible with our extensive range of windows, doors and sliding doors which guarantees a sleek and unified look throughout your home. Made with recycled end-of-life aluminium, all of our curtain walling options have low environmental impact as well as excellent weather and thermal performance. We take an environmentally responsible approach by using recycled, low-carbon materials, designing our products for a circular economy and producing within a responsible supply chain.

How to choose the right aluminium curtain wall

When it comes to choosing the right aluminium facade, it’s important to consider the desired size of your future space, type and visibility of metal work (horizontal or vertical), the type of cover caps as well as performance features such as glazing and insulation.

Choose the right external appearance with TECHNAL bespoke customisation

Our range of products include multiple exterior options and, depending on how much sightline you want, you can choose between visible grids, horizontal or vertical infills as well as flat pressure plates. Our products have the highest customisation potential and you can opt for different caps that suit your homes existing architecture and your personal style. You can additionally minimise the amount of aluminium seen from the interior thanks to corner post implementation. Add that to our concealed windows and you are sure to obtain sleek and aesthetic lines from both inside and outside.

Choose the right performance level for your needs

Our aluminium curtain walling complies with the highest international standards. Burglary resistant and thermally efficient thanks to high-performance glazing, robust and durable thanks to the choice of material, and highly-customisable: TECHNAL curtain walling satisfies all potential needs for your property. TECHNAL offers different drainage and insulation level profiles for high thermal and seismic performances. Choose from a variety of options and find the perfect solution for your needs in terms of design and performance.

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