Aluminium traditional / heritage door

Aluminium traditional or heritage doors offer a classic and timeless design with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of aluminium. These doors are designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional materials such as wood, bringing a touch of elegance and style to any home. Learn more about their features and benefits.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium traditional / heritage door?

Are you looking for something traditional, timeless and classic to add to your facade? A traditional or heritage front door is the perfect way to bring traditional charm to your structure and impress your guests. Such doors act as focal points and can help you make the right statement. Choosing aluminium for your traditional or heritage door is a great idea as it offers numerous perks. Firstly, it can be designed to mimic the appearance of traditional-looking materials such as wood while retaining all its benefits including its durability and easy maintenance. Secondly, aluminium is an eco-friendly material. Easily recycled, durable and rust resistant, it can last for many years.

How to choose your aluminium traditional / heritage door

When choosing your traditional door, it’s important you consider the architectural style of your home. While a traditional or heritage door works really well with older houses, contemporary and modern buildings can also be considered. Adding a traditional front door to a modern house can create a unique look, blending classic charm with contemporary design. To create contrast in style without designing something that stands out too much, modern details such as colours, hardware and glass inserts play a key role. Heritage doors tend to be made of traditional materials such as wood. For this reason, you should look at the range of finishes available with your aluminium door. TECHNAL’s Crown door was designed to mimic the square cut of traditional wooden styles. The result is realistic and timeless. Additionally we offer several wood finishes available with our range of doors. Security features such as locking systems as well as thermal and acoustic performances should also be carefully considered when choosing your door.

TECHNAL: customisable traditional / heritage door

TECHNAL’s bespoke sizes and shapes allow you to create the perfect door for your space and needs. For a traditional and timeless look, we recommend you design something symmetrical and balanced. Our doors are entirely customisable, so feel free to add glass accents using sidelights, transoms or rectangular glass panels so your vision can come to life. With over 200 colours and finishes, the customisation potential is endless. Choose our wood-like finishes for a traditional and elegant look. Next, choose your handles carefully. Our range of door fixtures include many traditional options to match your door as well as modern and sleek handles to create a contrast and help blend in your traditional door with your modern house.

TECHNAL aluminium traditional / heritage door: maximum performance

TECHNAL’s traditional doors are made with durable and sturdy aluminium. This metal is not only easy to care for, it has a long-lasting life and is 95% recyclable. Corrosion resistant and lightweight, aluminium allows us to craft doors with great thermal and acoustic specifications. With optimised thermal performance, our doors minimise heat transfers and maximise your comfort inside. They also protect you from sound pollution so you can enjoy your home in peace. Lastly, all our doors offer many possible locking options (3 to 5 points) as well as disabled access threshold. Our range of Crown doors are equipped with the Dualsecure locking system and PAS-24 security certification for an advanced protection against potential intruders.

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