Aluminium steel-look door

Aluminium steel-look doors offer the aesthetic appeal of steel doors with the benefits of aluminium. Discover the perks of these steel-looking doors and why aluminium is the best choice for durability, style, and energy efficiency.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium steel-look door? 

Doors made of aluminium that are designed to resemble the appearance of steel doors have numerous perks. They offer a modern look while providing benefits that steel doors lack, such as lighter weight, better insulation, or cost effectiveness. 

Modern and sleek, solid steel-look doors are the perfect entrance doors while glazed steel-look doors work really well as interior doors or patio doors, giving an industrial feel to your property. 

Aluminium is one of the best materials for steel-look doors. It can be used to craft slim frame profiles that are durable and lightweight. Such doors provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance and are easy to maintain. 

How to choose your aluminium steel-look door

When choosing your aluminium steel-look door, you should carefully consider the architectural style of your home. These type of doors fit well with modern and contemporary aesthetics. Next, your choice should depend on the purpose of your door and its location. If you’re looking to add natural light while giving an industrial look to your room, a glazed door with a grid-like design will be your best bet. For a modern and sturdy front door, an aluminium solid door with a metallic finish would work best. 

Once you’re set on the purpose and look of your future door, it’s time to check its performance. Doors have different thermal and acoustics abilities as well as security features. 

TECHNAL: customisable steel-look door

Your steel-look door is fully customisable with TECHNAL. With bespoke sizes and shapes, you can create the perfect door that fits both your space constraints and your aesthetic vision. Our SOLEAL range of doors go up to 3 m high for a floor-to-ceiling aspect.

With over 200 colours and finishes, it’s easy to pick something you like that looks like steel. We recommend you take a look at the different shades of grey and black we offer as well as anodised and metallic finishes.

In order to give your door a steel look, picking hardware is a crucial step. Our extensive range of handles includes stainless steel options as well as other sleek and elegant choices. Our aluminium door frames are slim and allow you to conceal hinges. 

TECHNAL aluminium steel-look door: maximum performance

Aluminium has many advantages that steel lacks. It is lightweight, durable and rust resistant. You can keep your aluminium steel-look door for longer with minimal maintenance. Special products are not needed to care for your door as a yearly wash with soap will suffice. 

Our doors offer many possible locking options (3 to 5 points) as well as disabled access threshold which makes them compliant with several burglary resistance classes.  

While security from home invasion is paramount when choosing your door, protection against sound pollution and heat transfers is equally important. TECHNAL doors protect you from the external environment thus maximising your comfort and lowering energy consumption.

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