Aluminium panel door

An aluminium panel door is a visually interesting and classic addition to any home. Known for its durability, this type of door offers both style and functionality. Discover its benefits and find out how it can enhance your space.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium panel door?

Are you looking for new interior or exterior doors? Do you like classic and elegant designs? Then panel doors could be right for you. These doors feature raised or recessed solid or glass panels that add depth and visual interest. More intriguing to the eye than flush doors which have a flat and smooth surface, they work well with a variety of architectural styles including traditional and modern aesthetics. Choosing an aluminium panel door is a great idea as this alloy is strong, durable and lightweight. Aluminium can be treated with a variety of finishes including metallic and wood grain. You can choose the colour and finish you want while retaining the perks of aluminium, mainly its sturdiness and longevity.

How to choose your aluminium panel door

To choose the right aluminium panel door you should first measure your door. If you’re creating something new, then it’s time to plan how big you want your door to be and what shape you prefer. In any case, your future panel door should match the architectural style of your home. The flatter it is, the more modern it looks. Conversely, add more detailing for traditional aesthetics. Glass panels are a great way to bring natural light inside. So either way, you have a lot of options. Once you are set on a certain look, you can review your future door’s performance. If you’re designing an exterior door, it’s important to consider safety features such as multipoint locks, reinforced hinges and reinforced locking points. Don’t neglect thermal insulation either as it allows you to save energy and to enjoy your home comfortably.

TECHNAL: customisable panel door

At TECHNAL we offer custom sizes and shapes. Our products are fully customisable so you can create the perfect panel door that fits your space and aesthetics requirements. You have the option to include sidelights and transoms to your door as well as integrate them within window configurations. With over 200 colours and finishes, your panel door can easily be designed to match the decor of your home. Choose vibrant colours for a modern twist or opt for elegant neutral for a timeless look. Another thing you should customise is your door handle. We have an extensive range of door levers that include designer collections. From elegant and traditional options to minimal and sleek products, we have something for you. But remember it should complement the overall decor, so choose carefully.

TECHNAL aluminium panel door: maximum performance

Lightweight, durable and resistant to rust, aluminium has many benefits. With minimal upkeep, your aluminium panel door can endure for an extended period. Aluminium also allows us to offer many safety features including multipoint locks, reinforced hinges, anti-drill lock systems, anti-hinge removal systems and reinforced locking points. Your aluminium panel door will protect you against home invasion so you can enjoy your time inside and outside with peace of mind. TECHNAL doors not only safeguard against burglars, it also protects you from external elements. Their excellent thermal and sound insulation performance help maximise your comfort and reduce your energy bills.

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