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Choose from our selection of modern aluminium front doors to find the perfect one for your needs.

Why choose a modern TECHNAL aluminium front door?

A main feature of your façade, your front door is a link between interior and exterior. A good door protects you from external threats while also looking good. For a timeless, contemporary look, consider choosing a modern front door. Characterised by slender lines and a minimalist look, this type of door works with all kinds of projects.

  • For older, more traditional homes, a modern, custom-built front door is the perfect opportunity to refresh your façade and bring it up to date.

  • For newer, contemporary homes, a modern front door will add a sleek, sophisticated touch.

Very resilient, modern aluminium front doors deliver both the looks and performance. Front doors are exposed to the elements as well as external hazards and need to be sturdy and durable. It’s crucial they are robust enough to keep you safe but also lightweight enough to be customisable. At TECHNAL, we’re all about performance and innovation. Our modern TECHNAL front door offers a reliable finish with a unique visual identity that will blend in with the style of your home.

TECHNAL: modern made to measure front doors

With nearly 40 years’ experience in aluminium joinery, TECHNAL is the perfect partner if you’re looking to give your front door a more modern look. Thanks to our expertise we can easily add a side panel or a transom a window without changing your front door’s standard dimensions. You can also opt for a modern glass front door to let more natural light in. You can choose between single-leaf and double-leaf doors as well as different sizes up to XXL. Don’t limit yourself with dimensions and open up your space. Our integrated panels will give a contemporary, loft-inspired look to your modern made to measure front door. TECHNAL offers more than 280 models, all part of our contemporary line: You’ll find plenty of options that meet your requirements. Our slimline profiles and straight lines blend perfectly with your space and help you achieve a minimalist style. Depending on your needs, our modern front doors can open inwards or outwards. Aluminium’s versatility will allow you to design a modern front door that fulfils your every desire. Our SOLEAL line of modern front doors is versatile and opens up new possibilities for personalisation.

TECHNAL modern aluminium front doors: where performance meets style

Our modern TECHNAL front doors offer maximum performance in terms of security and insulation. Your everyday comfort is our priority. Experience our latest innovations for your modern bespoke aluminium front door. Our products are equipped with thermal breaks and protect you from noise and heat loss. Your peace of mind is guaranteed no matter the season. All our handles including our stainless steel lever locks, pull handles, panic bars and TECHNAL’s exclusive design handles include reinforced locks as well as reinforced locking points for added security. Last but not least, our TECHNAL front doors are burglar-resistant and watertight.

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