Aluminium metal door

An aluminium metal door offers sleek and modern aesthetics while providing numerous benefits, such as durability and efficiency. Discover the perks of aluminium and its various metal finishes for your next door project.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium metal door?

Aluminium doors offer a range of advantages. Durable, lightweight, strong and efficient, they last longer with minimal upkeep. If you like the perks of aluminium but want your doors to look like they are made of other types of metal, anodised finishes are your best bet. Indeed, aluminium doors can be finished to mimic the appearance of different metals like stainless steel or bronze without the disadvantages such as susceptibility to rust and weight. On top of their aesthetic appeal, anodised finishes create a protective layer and increase your door’s resistance to corrosion and wear which improves your door’s longevity and weather resistance.

How to choose your aluminium metal door

In order to choose the right aluminium metal door, it’s important to consider proportion and shape. Whether you’re starting from scratch or replacing your existing door, you want to design something that fits harmoniously in your space. Proportions and shapes will differ whether you are crafting a door for your patio or your entrance. Aluminium doors with metallic finishes can fit with many architectural styles. With their clean lines and sleek look, they can complement modern, contemporary and mid-century modern buildings. Versatile, these doors can feature details such as glazing to suit many different aesthetics. While looks are important, the performance of your door needs not to be neglected. Your door protects you from the outside and it is crucial to choose the right security and thermal features.

TECHNAL: customisable metal door

TECHNAL offers complete customisation of your door. Tailored sizes and shapes allow you to craft an ideal door that aligns with your space limitations and design preferences. In our SOLEAL series, doors can reach heights of up to 3 metres, enabling a seamless floor-to-ceiling appearance. We offer numerous finish options including steel, titanium and stainless steel. With their pure and modern simplicity, they provide a raw and high-end appearance. If you’re looking for something more elegant and warm, opt for our gold, ebony or platinum finishes. Last but not least, your handles can also be customised with TECHNAL. We offer several ranges of handles including exclusive hardware. You can pick your colours as well as finishes.

TECHNAL aluminium metal door: maximum performance

Resistant to rust, corrosion, and weathering, aluminium doors offer excellent performance. They require minimal upkeep: they don’t need painting and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Indeed, doing a simple yearly wash will ensure your door lasts a long time so you don’t need to keep replacing your joinery. At TECHNAL our doors are crafted from high-end aluminium. Moreover we use recycled and recyclable aluminium so together we can build a more sustainable future. Our doors are perfect if you’re looking for exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation to minimise energy consumption and maximise your comfort at home. TECHNAL's strengthened joinery guarantees an elevated level of security, featuring multiple locking points, reinforced hardware, and the option for double or triple glazing.

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