Aluminium double glazed patio door

When choosing the best patio door for your home, consider factors such as material, style, and energy efficiency. Learn why aluminium double-glazed doors can be a great option for maximising natural light and enhancing your outdoor space.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium double glazed patio door?

Are you thinking of improving your outdoor space with a new patio door? If you have recently turned your backyard into a wonderful green paradise or if your current patio door needs an update, read along as we have some tips for you. A good patio door allows you easily access your outdoor space so you can spend more time there. It is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home. A glazed patio door is perfect for blurring the borders between the inside and outside as you will bring both worlds together, blended seamlessly. Unlike a solid door, glazed patio door remind you of what’s waiting out there for you and encourage you to get out of the house and enjoy the sunlight. And if you can’t or won’t, you can still benefit from the increase of natural light brought in. If you’ve set your eyes on a glazed exterior door, we recommend you chose double glazing as it provides better insulation compared to single-panel windows, retains heat well and reduces external noise for a quieter and more comfortable living environment. And when it comes to your door frame, choosing the right material is equally important. Aluminium is robust, lightweight and low maintenance. TECHNAL patio doors only need a yearly wipe with water and soap and last longer than doors made of other materials. Very strong alloy, it is perfect for large doors or windows and therefore is the ideal material for a patio door. All TECHNAL products come with great customisation potential. From sizes, colours, finishes, handles, we do everything to make sure you have complete control over your project.

How to choose your aluminium double glazed patio door

When choosing an aluminium patio door, the first thing to do is check the size. Patio doors tend to be quite large but it’s up to you to decide what will fit your space best. You can decide to choose several panels, a single door or a double door and you can even integrate your door into a large wall of windows. The type of opening will depend on the space available. Sliding patio doors, bi-fold patio doors and pocket patio doors are space efficient and improve the indoor-outdoor flow. French patio doors are classic and elegant, for a timeless look. The type of opening as well as the overall look of your future glazed patio door needs to match the architectural style of your home. TECHNAL’s range of products includes modern, minimalist and classic looks. Last but not least, security should be at the heart of your decision. Your aluminium double glazed patio door should keep you safe from the outside world including against the weather, sound pollution and burglars.

TECHNAL: customisable double glazed patio door

Our doors are available in custom sizes and shapes so you can keep complete creative control. With over 200 colours and finishes, you can make sure your door matches the colours of your home including the outdoor colour scheme. TECHNAL offers the option to pick different colours for the outside and inside part of your door. We also offer many types of openings including folding doors and sliding doors for a sleek and modern look. You can also add transom windows to your patio door or create another combination of windows. Finally, TECHNAL’s hardware allows you to enhance your door. Hardware including handles can be concealed for a minimalistic feel. We also offer a range of handles with various designs including exclusive handles collection made by talented designers.

TECHNAL aluminium double glazed patio door: maximum performance

As you now know, aluminium is one of the best and most sturdy materials. Our aluminium is made of quality recycled metal. It is strong and resistant. All our windows and doors are burglary resistant and offer excellent soundproofing and thermal efficiency. It is important that you are protected from the outside world. With plenty of security features including multipoint locks, reinforced hinges, anti-drill lock systems and anti-hinge removal systems, we don’t take home security lightly. On top of being burglary resistant, our products offer great thermal and acoustic performance. They prevent heat loss and sound pollution so you can enjoy your home in peace.

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