Aluminium contemporary door

An aluminium contemporary door combines sleek design with durability, making it a perfect choice for modern architectural styles. Learn why you should choose this type of door for your home.

Why choose a TECHNAL aluminium contemporary door? 

Before choosing a door, consider the architectural style of your home. It’s important your door complement the overall look of your house. Contemporary doors are perfect to reflect current trends and aesthetics. If your home is sleek and modern, such a door will fit perfectly in your façade. 

TECHNAL offers several contemporary doors with stylish and contemporary appearances. The use of aluminium allows you to obtain clean lines and a modern feel. With their concealed hardware including invisible hinges, our doors are elegant and simple. 

Customise your aluminium contemporary door

Our custom sizes and shapes allow you to design the perfect door for your entrance, patio or balcony. Opt for large glass surfaces to obtain a modern appearance that will integrate seamlessly in your contemporary facade. Our wide range of windows including transom and side windows allow you to add various geometrical shapes to your door for a contemporary look. A triangle transom window will add visual interest to your door. Pair your door with a rectangular window to add transparency and enhance natural light inside your entrance.

Once you know the size and shape of your door and the paired windows, you can choose the right colours and finishes. Our offer includes over 200 options. For a contemporary look, you can choose neutral tones like grey, black, white and beige. Neutrals will add a touch of elegance and modernity for a timeless look. Bright colours also work really well with contemporary doors as they are playful and on-trend. Lastly, metallic finishes are also a great option. Choose our PEARL GOLD finish to add a touch of modern luxury. Regardless of your choice, remember to match your door colours with your windows and overall decor. 

Last but not least, your contemporary door handle should match your chosen aesthetics. Our wide range of handles includes several modern and minimalist options. 

TECHNAL aluminium contemporary door: maximum performance

Our aluminium contemporary doors are made of sturdy recycled metal. Robust and durable, they are suitable to different climates as they can withstand most weather conditions. Aluminium doors are also incredibly easy to maintain as they only need to be washed with soap and water once a year. 

Aluminium doors can be designed with enhanced security features. Our SOLEAL doors feature many possible locking options (3 to 5 points) as well as disabled access threshold. They meet the RC3 standards meaning their level of resistance to burglary attempts is high.

While we aim to keep you safe, we also don’t trifle with comfort. Our doors have a sound rating of 43 dB and provide excellent level of sound insulation so you can enjoy your home peacefully. They are also thermally efficient with an Ud value of up to 0.89 W/m²·K and thus offer excellent insulation. They are effective at preventing heat loss or gain so you can save on energy bills and enjoy a comfortable environment.

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