How to choose my sliding door

When selecting an aluminium sliding door for your home, it's not just about aesthetics or fitting into a designated space. Several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure that your choice not only enhances the beauty and functionality of your home, but is also durable, secure and energy-efficient. Below, we share some crucial points to consider when choosing an aluminium sliding door.

With sliding doors it's easy to blur the lines between inside and outside. What's more, for homes where space is tight, or for those that prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, sliding doors provide less obstructions when opened or closed. Here are some things you should consider when choosing an aluminium sliding door.

Material Quality

Aluminium as a material is both lightweight and strong, but there can be differences in quality. Opt for doors made with high-grade aluminium, which is less likely to corrode or bend.

Thermal Performance

With the rising importance of energy efficiency, look for doors that offer thermal breaks. A thermal break is an insulating barrier within the aluminium frame that helps to reduce heat transfer, thus helping to maintain indoor temperatures and reducing energy bills.


Your sliding door is a potential entry, so security is paramount. Look for features like multi-point locking systems, reinforced frames and laminated or toughened safety glass.

Glazing Options

The type of glass you choose can impact both the appearance and energy efficiency of your door. Double or triple glazing offers improved insulation compared to single glazing. There are also tinted or low-emissivity coatings which can help to control the amount of UV and infrared light that enters your home, helping to protect interiors and enhancing energy efficiency.

Smooth Operation

A quality sliding door should glide smoothly and quietly. Test the door to ensure that the rollers and tracks are of good quality. Stainless steel rollers, for instance, can provide smooth, rust-free operation for years.

Weather Resistance

Depending on your geographical location, your sliding door may have to endure heavy rain, strong winds or even snow. Ensure that the door you choose has effective weather seals and drainage systems.


While aluminium is generally low-maintenance, some finishes or designs may need more care than others. Powder-coated aluminium, for instance, can resist scratching and fading for a long time, reducing the need for upkeep.

Design and Aesthetics

Aluminium sliding doors come in various designs, colours and finishes. Ensure that the style you choose complements the overall architecture of your home. Options available from TECHNAL include slimline frames for a more modern look or larger panels to maximise the view.

Size and configuration

Measure the space where you want the door to be installed. Consider how many panels you want and whether you want them to slide in one or both directions. Some doors also come with a 'stacking' feature where multiple panels can slide over one another, saving space.

In conclusion, an aluminium sliding door can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. However, consider factors like energy efficiency, security, design and material quality to ensure that your choice serves you well for years to come.

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