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Imagine What's Next
Imagine what's next

Imagine What's Next


Imagination makes the world go round. Here at Technal, it’s our driving force and way of doing things. It allows us to move forward, innovate and inspire. 
Where others just see a window, we see cutting-edge technology that benefits both the users and the environment. 
We see the future.

The Technal brand from Hydro was created over 60 years ago and is a pioneering international specialist in architectural aluminium facade systems. 

We have established an unrivalled reputation for innovative and inspiring design solutions, building up a portfolio of impressive award-winning projects.

With a history in the UK which spans more than 30 years, our aluminium building solutions have been used to create purpose-designed facades for diverse sectors of businesses and residential buildings.

We have a clear understanding of the requirements of architects, contractors, developers, fabricators and occupiers which enables us to develop a innovative, technically advanced and flexible product portfolio.


At Technal,  we know that design isn't just about aesthetics.

Design is a constant preoccupation encompassing additional dimensions:

  • functionality
  • ergonomics
  • respect for the environment 
  • energy efficiency 
  • integration 
  • individuality


Technal quality is based on its multidisciplinary expertise which include all aspects of the product: raw materials, design, services, colour palette, accessories, software, etc.
Technal is certified ISO 9001 since 1993 which guarantees the quality of its management of suppliers as well as customers.
Technal’s frames are manufactured in accordance with UNE-EN standards. The anodised and powder-coated finishes of the profiles comply with the QUALANOD, QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE labels.


For 60 years, innovation has been one of the brand’s founding pillars.
Offering even more effective solutions to meet energy efficiency requirements, the well-being and acoustic comfort needs of occupants is our primary concern.

This is why we have our very own test and innovation centre in Toulouse headquarter. It is here that all kinds of preliminary studies are carried out during the prototype stage, as well as multiple tests on finished products, including a wide range of performances tests: mechanical strength, opening-closing, manoeuvrability, shocks, thermal resistance, resistance to corrosion, weather resistance (air permeability, water tightness, wind pressure resistance).
Since 2016, Technal’s test and innovation centre has also had its own acoustic laboratory.

60 years of history

Creation of the company in the district of Amidonniers
Technal System Patent
Implantation abroad (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain…)
Creation of the revolutionary GK sliding system
Creation of the ALUMINIERS certified Technal network
1st TV campaign
Launch "MAISONS DE LUMIERE" by Technal concept
Launch SOLEAL window range
Launch LUMEAL concealed-opening sliding system
1st presentation of the Acoustic Concept Window at Batimat
Launch SPINAL façade