Tech3D - 2D and 3D modelling software

Tech3D - 2D and 3D modelling software

"Where other see BIM as a future topic, we see the present"

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architectural professional the opportunity to plan, design, construct and manage buildings efficiently. 

The aim of BIM is to manage the entire lifecycle of a building - from intial design and construction through to operation, maitenance, dismantling and recycling. 

Different levels of detail and information within the BIM object are needed, depending on the stage of the project. At the architectural design stage, a simple representation is needed; while at the construction stage all details and exact performances are essential. 

Current architectural styles and complex aluminium constructions can sometimes make it difficult to use ready-made BIM Objects. 

With this in mind, TECHNAL has developed the Tech3D software after consultation with leading architects to fulfill these challenging expectations. 

About Tech3D

TECH3D is a simple design tool which makes it possible to quickly produce 2D and 3D designs, as well as realistic 3D renderings.
These designs can then be exported to CAD software and also meet the 3D modelling needs of the BIM digital model.  



Easy formatting of your concepts and ideas by incorporating the TECHNAL range.
Simple creation of renderings from the very early stages of the project.


Quickly visualise the product in realistic proportions with a significant level of detail.
Offering both internal and external views, the different configurations and options can be evaluated and developed.


Compatible with all CAD tools used by architects (2D and 3D drawings can be imported and exported).
Possibility of integrating your SketchUp projects into Tech3D to add a TECHNAL product according to the 3D volumetry defined upstream.
2D elevation drawings can be imported as models to create 3D renderings and can also be exported for use in most CAD software on the market, such as Autocad®, Bentley®, Archicad® and ADT®.
3D rendering can be exported in various formats for use with Sketchup®, Autodesk 3Ds Studio Max®, Revit®, Archicad® and meet the 3D modelling needs of the BIM digital model.



From the early design stages of your project, you are able to create:

  • windows
  • doors
  • sliding systems
  • folding doors
  • composite construction
  • non-rectangular structure
  • complex facades

You will have access to the core offer of TECHNAL with numerous presets and a user-friendly interface to make it quick and easy to create designs. 


The easy to use interface is also linked to a high level of rendering capability which will allow you to visualise your construction in minutes. 

This application works in a complete 360° view to enable you to see from all angles. It's also possible to place any mullion or transom option as well as our full colour offer, even dual colour for a perfect representation of your design. 

Commercial and Technical information is also attached to each object to enrich the 3D drawing further. 


When you project is modelled, you can easily export to other 3D or BIM application softwares though the DWG, IFC or SKETCHUP formats. 

If you are using REVIT® from Autodesk, a specific plug-in has been created for use with Tech3D. This is embedded into the application for design generation in just one click of the native Revit® family. 

Our goal is to simplify and improve communication and information shared between project stakeholders and TECHNAL. 


For more information please call us on 01684 853 500 and we will be happy to help.

Our technicians also provide assistance by phone to help you resolve any computer or technical difficulties that you may encounter.