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Minimal Opening frame

The universal aluminium window


The SOLEAL FY 65 aluminium window is high-performance and innovative, bringing a host of technical advancements and design features that will enhance your project.

The SOLEAL aluminium window uses a 65mm deep profile and common components to give architects, contractors, and fabricators the benefit of an extensive choice of construction options, combined with ease of specification and maximum efficiency in manufacturing. 

The patented minimalist opening frame with slim, subtle sightlines to reduce the visible aluminium and to increase the amount of glazing.

System Features of the SOLEAL FY 65 aluminium window:

  • Outstanding thermal performance 
  • Robust system allows large sizes of up to 2.5m by 1.4m
  • Concealed drainage on both fixed and opening frames removing the need for unsightly caps
  • Choice of secure locking options available

Design Features of the SOLEAL FY 65 aluminium window: 

  • Minimalist frame has slim, subtle sightlines to reduce visible aluminium 
  • Cills can be specified in different styles
  • Clip-on trims can be supplied to enhance the minimal opening frame option 
  • Attractive, robust and ergonomic window handles are available in a range of colours and finishes
  • Two leaf opening option benefits from a centred handle for a balanced aesthetic and ease of use

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SOLEAL FY65 Brochure (PDF)

Product benefits


  • Dimensions up to 1m x 2.70m (WxH)
  • Up to 130kg weight
  • Glass infill from 24mm - 42mm on openings and up to 52mm on fixed frame
  • Glass thickness can be lowered using a reducer


  • Fixed-frame
  • Open-in: 1 & 2 leaf, bottom-hung, and tilt-turn
  • Open-out: top-hung, parallel, 1 & 2 leaf, and Italian Style frame
  • Specialist: tilt/slide, horizontal and vertical pivot


  • Two leaf opening option benefits from a centered handle
  • Handles can be adonised or finished in a wide range of colours


  • Water Tightness: Up to 600 Pa
  • Air Permeability: Up to 600 Pa
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 1200 Pa

More information

Projects using aluminium windows SOLEAL FY 65

Sarah Swift Building, Lincoln

United Kingdom
The University of Lincoln invested £19m in the construction of the Sarah Swift Building, which is home to the Schools of Health and Social Care and Psychology. TECHNAL MX Visible Grid curtain walling, PY55 doors and FY65 were specified for this project, and were chosen due to their versatility and aesthetic qualities.

Schuster Annex, Manchester

United Kingdom
The Schuster Annex on the University of Manchester's main campus when built, was intended to become a catalyst for excellence in STEM teaching, and was linked to the circular spaces within the existing buildings.

Isaac Newton Building, Lincoln University

United Kingdom
TECHNAL GEODE MX Visible Grid Curtain walling, PY55 Doors and FY65 windows were specified for The University of Lincoln's Isaac Newton Building, creating a stunning facade.

Greenbank Residences, Liverpool

United Kingdom
Constructed within the Mossley Hill Conservation Area, the parkland surrounding the University of Liverpool's Greenbank strudent residences was gifted to the university by the Rathbone family in 1939, and still offers a unique environment today.

Paradise Street, Coventry

United Kingdom
TECHNAL has adapted its FY65 aluminium window specification to meet the narrower than normal opening vent dimensions at a best-in-class £52 million student village in Coventry, balancing the requirements for daylighting, ventilation, student safety and aesthetics

Milliners Wharf, Manchester

United Kingdom

Two apartment blocks in Manchester's Milliners Wharf development achieved Secured by Design certification in recognition of the safet standards met. 

'Hat Box' is a part of the regeneration of New Islington, and is a high-end residential development completed in 2017. 

To ensure residents feel safe in their home, the architects Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher (CJCT) specified products with high security features to be used. As such, our PY door, which incorporates an invisible door closer as well as concealed locking groover for a tight and secure mechanism, was specified for the ground floor apartments and top floor duplex apartments. These features, along with the single leaf open-in and open-out hinged doors that meet PAS 24 for burglar resistance, resulted in the Secured by Design certification.

Alongside the PY Door system, Confort 125 Sliding Door was used for the balconies and was specified for its durability, and the SOLEAL FY65 window was also specified. This further assisted in achieving Secured by Design certification, and the FY window is also tested and certified to PAS 24 for burglar resistance. 

There are several optional additions to the FY window system to provide the ability for customisation for each project. In this case, the Hat Box development benefits from tilt before turn windows made possible by the systems durability and strength. The hinge mechanism can support glazing up to 130kg.

As well as a safety element, it was important to ensure the building's occupants would be living in a healthy environment. In buildings where there is a difference of U value between the walls, windows and doors, there is a risk of high humidity which could potentially cause issued with condensation and mould. 

This issue was overcome at the development through the thermal efficiency offered by GEODE MX Curtain Walling. Less energy is lost via the difference between the inside and outside of the curtain walling. This consistancy in temperature and improvement of the air quality around the room ensures that the room needs less energy to heat and cool it.