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The Corner Folding Door


The AMBIAL corner folding door can be fully opened inwards or outwards with the outer corner solution, offering you a panoramic view and flooding your rooms with natural light. This blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

An inner corner solution is available on request. 

Designed to be durable and easy to use, the AMBIAL supported folding door can incorporate up to 10-leaf configuration with a maximum height of 3m for a 12m wide opening. A flush fitting design provides visual harmony when open and closed, and the corner post profile is a minimal 93mm solution. Only one handle is required on the corner, and more comfort is provided with the option to open one side whilst keeping the other side closed.

All finishes have been designed with the greatest attention to detail to offer a harmonious appearance when open or closed. The frames are flush fitting with slim, well balanced profiles. Upper and lower rollers and fixings are covered to provide an uniform look, even when this system is open. Drainage is concealed to ensure a smooth, flush design. 

Key features of the AMBIAL aluminium corner folding door:

  • Large sizes offer a panoramic view 
  • Designed to be durable and easy to use
  • Can incorporate up to 10-leaves with a maximum height of 3m - providing an opening of 12m wide
  • Guaranteed thermal and acoustic performance as well as high level weather and water resistance
  • Open corner has no visible post

Design features of the AMBIAL aluminium corner folding door:

  • Finishes designed with a great attention to detail to offer harmonious appearance when opened or closed
  • Flush fitting frames with slim, well balanced profiles
  • Concealed drainage to ensure flush design
  • Range of configurations offers a great freedom of creation
  • Exclusively designed ultra-flat handle and key

Security features of the AMBIAL aluminium corner folding door:

  • Secure design with anti-derailment and anti-lift function to keep the door on upper and lower tracks
  • Option to lock intermediate leaves with ultra-flat handles so profiles or keys aren't at risk of damage when in the folded position
  • Blocking magnets to protect against any shocks when door is in the open position, if it is windy or if the door is incorrectly operated
  • Security system prevents intermediate leaves from being opened when the main door is closed
  • Protective space between gaskets to prevent finger trapping
  • Optional anti-slip threshold frame 

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TECHNAL UK Ambial Folding Door Brochure (pdf)
Ambial Product Data Sheets

Product benefits


  • Leaf size up W 1.2 x H 3m per leaf
  • Weight up to 150kg per leaf
  • Glass infill from 9 to 52mm


  • From 2 - 10 leaf in outer angle solution
  • Inward and outward opening
  • Lever housing allows one side to be opened keeping the semi-fixed part closed


  • Corner post - reduced sightline (93mm)
  • Only one handle needed in the corner
  • Convex corner solution with inward or outward opening
  • Concave corner available on request


  • Air Resistance - A3 (600Pa)
  • Water Resistance - 8A (450Pa)
  • Wind Resisitance - Class 3 (1200Pa)
  • Acoustic Performance - up to 43dB acoustic attentuation

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