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The CD Commercial Door is a heavy-duty solution for use in busy public places. Combining lasting resistance to wear, protection against vandalism, and effective security, this is a robust system that is ideal for secondary educational applications, and entrances to public buildings such as airports, offices, and shopping centres. 

The CD Commercial Door system has elegant, clean lines and a choice of hardware making it supremely suited for high-traffic situations whilst meeting the requirements for superior weather performance, safety, security, and disabled access. 

Complimenting the CD Door is the sliding commercial door. This has been designed to meet the requirements of specifiers it's ideal for car showrooms, airports, and shopping complexes.

System Features of the CD Sliding aluminium door:

  • Operates in a bi-parting mode on a common track or in a passing mode using multiple tracks to permit numerous design configurations
  • All weathered interlock between sliding door and the surround reduces the possibility of a forced entry
  • Integral glazing prevents removal of the glass from the outside
  • Special stile has been designed to allow the doors to hinge outwards for emergency exit

Design Features of the CD Sliding aluminium door:

  • Range of design handles available
  • Double polypropylene pile around all four sides which can also be provided with a flush fitting drained threshold
  • Glide block keeps the central panels in the head ensuring silent and smooth operation
  • Sliding doors are set on steel wheels running on individual brass tracks

For more information, see our brochure under the Documentation tab.


CD Door Brochure March 2020 (pdf)

Product benefits


  • Glazing Panel thickness between 6mm and 24mm
  • Minimum size 2300mm x 1100mm (HxL)
  • Maximum size: 3000mm x 3000mm (HxL)


  • Can operate in bi-parting mode on common track or passing mode on multiple tracks
  • Double polypropylene pile around all four sides which can be provided with a flush-fitting drained threshold


  • Doors set on steel wheels running on individual brass tracks
  • Glide block keeps central panels in the head for silent and smooth operation
  • Stile has been designed to allowing doors to hinge out for emergency exit


  • Air Permeability: Class C
  • Water Tightness: Up to 750 Pa
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 1600 Pa

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