TECHNAL shares the latest sustainable solutions with fabricator customer base


At the end of last month, TECHNAL UK held three product introduction events across the country to showcase our new platformed products to some of our fabricators.

Attendees were introduced to the flexibility, modularity and shared technology between the new SOLEAL Next window and door suite and TENTAL facade that will be available on the market from next year.

The start of the sessions included what sustainability means for the construction world with Joris Verhiest. This presentation covered why we all need to work together to combat climate change, what we can do to use more sustainable materials and the ways in which you can effectively compare products and materials by using an Environmental Product Declaration. The group were also shown what TECHNAL as a company are doing, not just in terms of products but also for communities and the environment in which we work.

UK Product Marketing Manager Gary Fowler and National Project Support Executive David Hall held three presentation sessions throughout each day. These introduced the SOLEAL Next Window and Door suite and the TENTAL 50 & 60 facade. All of these products have been designed to lower carbon emissions during the use phase as well as being extruded using Hydro CIRCAL® 75R – the prime-quality aluminium alloy that has a minimum content of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap from old windows, doors and facades that have been dismantled from end of life buildings to help lower CO2 emissions during the construction phase. 

The two new platformed products have been developed with circularity in mind. This means that there has been careful consideration in the components used in the fabrication of the product in order to ease the dismantling process at the end of the building's lifecycle. 

There are also added benefits to fabricators of these products. As the SOLEAL Next window and door and TENTAL are platform products, there are many common items used across the platform variations reducing the amount stock articles, adding speed and simplicity into our operation. Fabrication itself is simplified, with limited additional training required as more expansions to the platforms are released in the proceeding quarters.

Lastly, following a short presentation on the marketing and communication plans for the new product ranges from Donna Lauder, guests had a chance to network, get up close and personal with the new product samples and, most importantly, let their hair down with some friendly competition on a VR rally car race experience.

TENTAL and SOLEAL Next are the new platformed products that will be available in 2022. These have been created to have more possibilities in terms of design, performance and large glazing and less impact on the environment.

Stay tuned for updates.