The hellebore is the first to reveal its new shoots which point shyly to the ground. Daffodils, hyacinths and snowdrops are slowly emerging from their long winter hibernation, and everyday the garden offers us a new shade of green.

Beautiful buds appear on the branches of trees and we look forward to the blossoming of the apple and cherry trees. A cold snap could still come along to play spoliers. A wild garlic plant - with thick, shiny leaves and fluffy white flowers - is reborn after being buried under the cold, hard ground over the gloomiest of seasons.

Birds frolic and sing around the feeder and enjoy the first rays of the morning sun after a cold night. The garden still has more beautiful treasures to share with us.

For now we enjoy - sheltered behind the glass - all of this new life in the crisp sunshine.


The new season has begun - Easter. And it is truly a family celebration as it marks the first Bank Holiday of the year. The long weekend gives us a moment to spend time with our loved ones. 

Children have been working hard on painting Easter eggs for several days. Some are painted with funny faces or the likeness of the Easter bunny with long ears and teeth made with paper.  Others are painted in bright colours to celebrate and welcome the coming of Spring. 

All eggs end up being displayed with children admiring their works of art. Will they soon be rewarded? Will the Easter Bunny remember them and hide chocolate eggs in the garden?

According to tradition, eggs and rabbits are symbols of spring - a season that is synonymous with renewal and new life. When spring arrives, hens start to lay eggs again. During the winter months, sunlight is scarce and their egg production is reliant on it. 


No soon than it is served than breakfast is finished and the garden - which hopefully is packed with delicious chocolate eggs - calls out to the family, behind the TECHNAL floor to ceiling sliding doors that bathe the room with natural light.

As mum comes to lace shoes and button coats, one of the children has set their sites on a large chocolate egg adorned with a red ribbon that's peeking out over the top of a flower pot on the patio.

The thin profiles of the sliding door are made with robust and durable aluminium that guarantees maximum comfort with minimal maintenance. They partner perfectly in homes with minimalist concepts and architecture. In addition, slimmer frames let in the maximum amount of light possible and offer an almost unobstructed view of the outside.

It's time to go! The TECHNAL Sliding doors open and the children rush outside, easter basket in hand. The exterior blends to the interior creating a sense of openness. Thanks to the wide expanses of glass, the landscape is an integral part of the house.

Younger children might need help finding the eggs, the Easter bunny did an excellent job! Later on, everyone will share the rewards of the day.



As the children search, the adults are busy preparing Easter Lunch. On the worktop there are fresh herbs growing in pots - all sheltered from the cold winter air behind thermally insulated kitchen windows.

Traditionally, Easter dinner consists of a leg of lamb cooked to perfection with various side-dishes and veggies - and don't forget the mint sauce! Gradually the smell of the fresh rosemary that was rubbed on the leg of lamb begins to flood the kitchen. Now everyone will take their seat at the long table set with artisanal ceramic plates and bowls and golden cutlery chosen for this special occasion.

Evening falls - the daylight hours are still quite short - and the candles on the table are lit. Candlelight is reflected in the glasses on the table and in the smiling eyes of the family. This year was once again, a happy family moment with a celebration that strengthens ties and celebrates new life.