Safety and Security

Choosing TECHNAL products and installation means you can benefit from high-quality products that have been tested to ensure they keep what matters safe.

Safety at Your Fingertips

Known for our technical and aesthetic performance, our products also excel in terms of security. Before attempting a break-in, burglars often search for the least secure access point of a home. In this context, conventional windows and glass doors are frequently exploited entry points. Indeed, attachment elements and locking points are often overlooked, failing to provide a high level of resistance. To convince customers, many manufacturers highlight specific technical details of their hardware: laminated glass, reinforced locks, etc.

However, real protection against break-ins hinges on the overall sturdiness of the products: hardware, glazing, attachment to the structure.

  • 275,919: The annual count of burglaries documented in the UK, a steadily rising figure that predominantly affects residences.

  • 526: The number on average of home burglaries per day.

  • 164: The average number of seconds that is between home break-ins.

  • 5 minutes: The average time after which break-in attempts are abandoned, preventing the majority of burglaries.


  • 70% of break-ins occur on the rear of the property

  • Only 27% occur on the front of the property


  • For a residence with standard risk

  • For a residence with high risk

Secure Doors, Windows, and Sliding Systems for Optimal Protection

Our doors, windows, and sliding systems ensure a high level of security, ranging from CR2 to CR3. Equipped with highly advanced locking systems, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technologies, our joinery is designed to deter break-ins: multipoint locks, reinforced hinges, anti-drill lock systems, anti-hinge removal systems, reinforced locking points. All TECHNAL Products available in India are certified to PAS-24 standard and are accredited under Secured By Design (SBD) - the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings.

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