The Glass House

This esteemed project, harmoniously amalgamating raw materials including aluminum for joineries, wood for shading elements, and the robust presence of stone and concrete, received the distinguished honor of the TECHNAL Architecture Awards in 2018. It stands as a testament to innovative design and thoughtful integration of diverse materials, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of architectural harmony and functionality. The award underscores the project's commitment to aesthetic excellence and innovative solutions in modern architectural endeavors.

A Remarkable Realm Where Transparency and Light Reside

A Nuanced Connection Between Indoor and Outdoor Realms

After spending several years in Hungary, upon their return to France, the clients embarked on a journey to find a parcel of land in Meudon that could actualize their dream of a residence deeply interwoven with the essence of indoor/outdoor connectivity. They reached out to DDA - DEVAUX & DEVAUX ARCHITECTS, a firm that shared their profound understanding and appreciation of the delicate symbiosis between internal and external spaces.

The mutual sensitivity to the relationship between the built and the natural environment led to extensive dialogues about their inspirations, culminating in the discovery of a suitable plot that resonated with their visions. It was a canvas that held the promise of materializing their aspirations, allowing the conceptualization phase of the project to commence.

This space stands as a manifestation of exceptional design ethos, where the permeation of light and transparency creates an ambiance that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, offering inhabitants a seamless experience of both worlds. Every detail, every contour is meticulously crafted to reinforce the symbiotic relationship between the dwelling and its surroundings, reflecting a harmonious balance and a shared breath between the architectural and the natural.

Levels Embracing Seamless Perspectives

The TECHNAL joineries, spanning an impressive 127 m², masterfully crafted and installed by the Authorized TECHNAL Aluminum Installer L’EXPERT EN BÂTIMENT, are meticulously organized as follows:

The South facade, entirely glazed and extending a generous 9 meters in width across all three levels, features the LUMEAL aluminum sliding bay that gracefully opens up to 6 meters, creating a symphony of light and space. The living room on the ground floor, adjacent playroom, and the serene bedrooms on the upper floors are all beneficiaries of this design, bathed in views of the lush, tranquil garden, offering an immersive experience without any direct visibility impediments. This seamless integration of indoor and outdoor environments is accentuated by the sophisticated dark grey TECHNAL aluminum joineries.

Conversely, on the North facade, which faces the bustling street and railway, the architects have astutely allocated the "service" spaces such as the entrance, bathroom, sauna, and kitchen. Here, the SOLEAL windows are equipped with high-performance acoustic glass to shield the interiors from ambient noise.

Above, a GEODE skylight on the roof acts as a celestial conduit, allowing the sun to flood the heart of the house with light, illuminating the swimming pool and the adjoining staircase-library area.

The client desired a project that could emphasize the connection between the exterior and concepts of indoor/outdoor living, with interior extensions of the dwelling.
David Devaux DDA, architect

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