Renovation of a pavilion from the 80s

The proprietors were keen on modernizing this structure from the 1980s, with a significant focus on enhancing its thermal efficiency.

Detached House
  • ArchitectSamuel Ridoux
  • PhotographerSamuel Ridoux
  • Manufacturer-fabricatorSARL COVER ALU - Aluminier Agrée TECHNAL
  • CountryFrance

The esteemed Samuel Ridoux Architect Agency took the helm of this rejuvenation project, envisioning the demolition of the outdated garage and orchestrating a seamless extension of the house with the addition of two cubic expansions, each spanning 76 square meters. This intricate intertwining of volumes, harmoniously married to the zinc roofing and the fusion of fiber cement and wood siding on the façades, revitalizes the structure's envelope, unveiling a nuanced contemporary allure. This newfound elegance is heightened by the incorporation of the sophisticated SOLEAL windows and doors, coupled with the expansive LUMEAL sliding doors that feature concealed apertures, stretching 4.3 meters by 2.2 meters. In a bid to augment the perception of grandeur and spatial depth, the architect employed bicolor schemes; the interiors resound with a light grey hue, resonating with the refined tones of the walls, flooring, and furnishings. Conversely, an external facade adorned in anthracite grey masterfully camouflages the sliding door transoms, lending a visual continuity that seems to extend infinitely.

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