SUNEAL Pergola

Elevate & transform your outdoor lounge space.

Multi-season enjoyable space.

TECHNAL®’s Pergola SUNEAL transforms your outdoor spaces like terraces, gardens, and courtyards into comfortable and stylish lounge areas.

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Your Dream Space Awaits

Create an oasis of tranquility and beauty right in your own backyard. Let our pergolas be the canvas for your outdoor dreams, where every moment becomes a cherished memory. With elegant design and a wide range of colors, you can even combine different shades for the structure and the blades.

Year-Round Enjoyment

With our carefully designed pergolas, you can enjoy the great outdoors throughout every season. From sunny summer days to crisp autumn evenings, our structures provide the perfect shelter for your outdoor activities.

Smart Blade Control

Effortlessly adjust the blades for your desired level of shade or sunlight. Our pergolas' silent handling ensures you can create the perfect ambiance without any disruptions.

Tailored Comfort

No matter the weather, SUNEAL pergolas let you tailor your outdoor space to perfection. Enjoy cool comfort in summer and harness the sun's warmth in winter. It's your retreat, your way. It also cotnributes in reducing energy requirements, especially in summer, by lowering the air conditioning needs for adjoining rooms.


SUNEAL pergola offers exceptional diversity: 3 blade types and 200+ color options. Elegant and contemporary customization for your outdoor space.


SUNEAL pergola can cover any large surface that you need


Designed to withstand all seasons, SUNEAL pergola offers effective wind resistance of up to 230 km/h, along with hidden drainage to ensure leak-proof performance during rainfall.

Maximum Dimensions



Up to

1 module version: L. 4,5 x D. 6,5 m


Up to

With intermediate cross member: L. 7 x 4 m


Up to

Dimensions of the pole: 140 x 140 mm



Up to

230 Km/h

Environmental performance

Environmental performance: We offer high performing products, and our aluminium material contains at least 75% of recycled and 95% of recyclable content.

Reduced CO2 footprint

By using Hydro CIRCAL© aluminium, with just 2.3 kg CO2e/kg of aluminium, we provide a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint is reduced by more than 85% when compared with the global average for primary aluminium production.

75% recycled

Our solutions are extruded with Hydro CIRCAL© aluminium, an alloy made with at least 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium.

95% recyclable

Our solutions are 95% recyclable. When we design our products, we act for circularity by taking into account their disassembly and re-use at the end of their life. 


Ask your fabricator for your Environment Product Declaration (EPD) to prove the green value of your chosen product.  

Personalize the aluminium colour

Discover an extensive array of aluminum colours before you. Customize your aluminium to harmonize perfectly with your space and personality. With durable, fade-resistant finishes, you can be confident that the aluminum colour you choose will retain its brilliance and elegance over time.

Do you have a project?

Our TECHNAL approved aluminium fabricators are by your side to support you. From the first contact to the final completion, everything is done with one objective in mind - your satisfaction.

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