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GEODE MX 52 is a comprehensive curtain walling suite that offers high thermal performance to meet even the most stringent building regulations and a wide range of aesthetic options based on a single system. 

The variety of curtain walling applications uses the same mullion and transom grid and enables designers to vary the external appearance of the building envelope whilst benefitting from the design and construction options of a fully integrated system. 

The MX system successfully combines the creative and visual demands of architects with the functional needs of contractors, developers and occupiers, by simplifying the technical aspects as well as the manufacturing and the installation processes to ensure optimum quality
and cost efficiency.
Designers also benefit from consistent sight lines and interfaces across a project, whether this is full-height, Trame or structurally glazed or features beaded or sloped glazing.

Key features of the GEODE MX 52 Curtain Walling

  • Flat or faceted facades - 6mm to 32mm glazing available as a flat facade or faceted up to 20°
  • Superior load distribution - Less deflection across the transoms allows this system to hold large, heavy glazing units
  • Choice of glazing gaskets - available as over-sized vulcanised corners, linear supply or made-to-order frames to suit project requirements

Design features of the GEODE MX 52 Curtain Walling

  • Visual Consistency - Unique aluminium structure for all external appearances
  • Intelligent Design - Designed for high quality manufacturing and installation 
  • Design details - A wide range of external caps provide greater aesthetic choice
  • Choice of infills - The system can be used with glass, insulated panels and other types of opaque panels 

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GEODE MX 52 brochure (pdf)

Product benefits


  • Glass volume up to 6 m² (half-perimeter up to 5 m)
  • Max weight up to 400 kg by glass volume
  • Glass infill up to 42 mm


  • Grid aspect
  • Horizontal trame aspect
  • Vertical trame aspect
  • SSG aspect (Structural Sealant Glazing)


  • A wide range of external caps for greater aesthetic choice
  • Facetted façade +/-10°


  • Ucw = 1.4 W/m²K. with Ug = 1.1 W/m²K. (Grid aspect)
  • Air permeability (Class A4)R7 / PASS under pressure and depression 1600 Pa and 2400 Pa (sudden pressure)
  • Ucw = 1.5W/m²K with Ug = 1.1W/m²K (Beaded glazing)

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