Quality Assurance with Technal's Innovative Software

Technal's Innovative Software
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Quality Assurance with Technal's Innovative Software

In the intricate world of architectural design and construction, the significance of quality assurance must be addressed. It serves as the backbone of trust and reliability in building systems, ensuring that every component functions as intended, from the conceptual stages of prototype testing to the final stages of product deployment. Technal, a leader in architectural solutions, has been at the forefront of integrating advanced software tools to enhance quality control processes, offering a suite of applications that revolutionize product testing and prototype evaluation.


The role of prototype testing in quality assurance


Prototype testing is a critical phase in developing a building’s design, offering invaluable insights into the performance, durability, and practicality of new designs. Technal's commitment to quality control is exemplified through its innovative software solutions, such as TechDesign, Tech3D, and TechAcoustic, which facilitate comprehensive prototype testing. These tools allow architects and engineers to simulate real-world conditions, ensuring that each product meets and exceeds modern construction's rigorous demands.


TechDesign: A cornerstone of product testing


TechDesign is a comprehensive quotation and fabrication software tailored for metal builders, embodying Technal's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the building design industry. Developed over 25 years, TechDesign has become a trusted tool, selected by 5,000 users across 65 countries, showcasing its global appeal and reliability.


Simplifying complex projects

TechDesign is engineered to simplify the complexities of project quoting and fabrication. Its ease of installation, whether locally on a network or through a cloud solution, coupled with utilizing the latest technology, empowers users to quote complex projects effortlessly. The software's capabilities include calculating joinery quotes, generating orders for suppliers, preparing comprehensive manufacturing files for workshops, controlling machining centers, and streamlining the fabrication process from start to finish.



  • Comprehensive quotation and fabrication: Streamlines the process of quoting and fabricating, making it efficient and reliable.
  • Ease of installation: Easily installed locally on a network or through a cloud solution.
  • User-friendly interface: Offers a user-friendly 3D interface for easy navigation and project visualization.
  • Customization: Allows for creating custom applications and using predefined libraries.
  • Integration with machining centers: Enables control over machining centers for precise fabrication.


Revolutionizing building systems with Tech3D


Tech3D represents a significant leap forward in architectural design, offering a BIM (Building Information Modeling) object configurator that transforms how architects, designers, and building specifiers approach their projects. This innovative tool by Technal is not just a software application; it's a comprehensive design solution that empowers users to bring their creative visions to life with unprecedented ease and precision.


Empowering design excellence

Tech3D is a creative powerhouse, seamlessly integrating CAD software and BIM digital models to redefine the design process. This integration transcends the limitations of traditional design methodologies, enabling users to produce 2D drawings and 3D models of Technal's windows, doors, and facades efficiently. The ability to create lifelike 3D renderings and export these designs to CAD software caters to the intricate modeling requirements of BIM digital models, revolutionizing design production.



  • Seamless BIM integration: Integrates effortlessly with CAD software and BIM digital models, enhancing the design process.
  • Detailed 3D modeling: Facilitates the creation of detailed 2D drawings and 3D models for comprehensive project visualization.
  • Creative freedom: Supports various projects from basic windows to complex facades.
  • REVIT library integration: Offers a specialized plug-in for seamless integration with Autodesk's REVIT.
  • Collaborative design: Enhances collaborative efforts by allowing easy sharing and communication of designs.


Enhancing acoustic performance with TechAcoustic


TechAcoustic emerges as a groundbreaking architectural design software specifically tailored to evaluate the acoustic performance of building elements with unparalleled precision. This innovative tool by Technal is a testament to the brand's commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern architecture, offering a solution that combines accuracy, ease of use, and efficiency.


Precision in acoustic evaluation

TechAcoustic stands out for its ability to provide evaluations with an accuracy within 1 dB for any composition, including dimensions and glazing types, mirroring the precision of laboratory-based tests. This remarkable feature not only streamlines the design process but also empowers architects and builders to make informed decisions, optimizing the acoustic performance of their projects with just a few clicks. The software's capability to model complex assemblies and large-sized joinery further extends its applicability, making it an indispensable tool in the architectural toolkit.



  • Precise acoustic evaluation: Delivers evaluations with an accuracy within 1 dB, akin to laboratory tests.
  • Cost optimization: Aids in selecting the most appropriate glazing and range for desired acoustic performance without over-specifying.
  • User accessibility: Designed with an intuitive interface, making acoustic evaluation accessible to non-experts.
  • Versatile application: Can evaluate acoustic performance across various sizes and types of infill, including complex units.
  • Rapid evaluation: Offers quick and instantaneous results, enhancing the efficiency of the design process.


Setting new standards in quality assurance

Technal's suite of software solutions represents a paradigm shift in how quality control is approached in the development of building systems. Through rigorous product testing and prototype evaluation, these tools enable architects and engineers to push the boundaries of innovation while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. As the construction industry continues to evolve, Technal's commitment to excellence in quality control through advanced technology sets a benchmark for others to follow, ensuring that your buildings are visually striking, structurally sound, and functionally superior. Visit our website to learn how Technal can help you with your next architectural project.