At TECHNAL, we believe we have the responsibility and the ability to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s most burning issue: climate change. Our low carbon solutions pave the way towards a more sustainable future as we continue to provide our clients with sustainable products for windows, doors, and other construction and renovation solutions. Learn more about our sustainability efforts below.

Imagine beyond limits

We go beyond world-class low-carbon materials, to run every part of our business as sustainably as possible.

Beyond materials

We place a strong emphasis on high-performance products that contribute to reducing operational emissions and optimizing energy consumption. By developing advanced products that excel in areas such as thermal insulation, energy efficiency, low maintenance, comfort, and acoustics, TECHNAL aims to minimize energy consumption, subsequently lowering both energy production and emissions. Aluminum stands out as a fundamental material in our sustainable approach, featuring a unique combination of qualities that make it highly suitable for various design challenges. We highlight the versatility, lightweight nature, and strength of aluminum, which make it adaptable for various applications. We also underscore aluminum's health-conscious attributes, as it does not emit harmful particles, making it a safe choice. The material's non-flammable nature makes it a safer alternative, as it doesn't produce flammable gasses or vapors even when subjected to high temperatures. Furthermore, aluminum's ease of maintenance, attributed to its durability and resistance to surface treatments, aligns with our commitment to sustainability and longevity across our products. Discover how we’re reducing a building’s operational emissions through high-performance and circular products.

Beyond products

Approaching sustainability holistically, we aim to reduce by half operational and upfront CO2 emissions by 2025.

Beyond company

We go beyond our company to see the bigger picture.

The UN Sustainable Goals

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the 17 bold new Global Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.