How Architecture Can Contribute Positively to Healthcare Through Aluminum Architectural Solutions

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How Architecture Can Contribute Positively to Healthcare Through Aluminum Architectural Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, where every day brings new advancements and challenges, the design and construction of medical facilities stand at the forefront of progress. These spaces aren't merely structures; they are the crucible in which healing, well-being, and innovation converge. 

As the demands on healthcare facilities continue to evolve, so must the way we conceive of, create, and adapt these spaces. The intrinsic link between healthcare architecture and the quality of care delivered within its walls cannot be overstated. As such, architects should think about incorporating more aluminum architectural solutions into healthcare building designs. In this article, we will explore the benefits such solutions can bring to a healthcare environment.


How does architecture positively contribute to healthcare through aluminum architectural solutions? 

  • Design positively impacts patient satisfaction scores

Research has shown that hospitals featuring new designs and modern amenities tend to receive higher patient satisfaction scores. Patients' experiences are greatly influenced by the aesthetics and functionality of the healthcare spaces they encounter. At Technal, our commitment to innovative design ensures that healthcare buildings are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our aluminum curtain walls, doors, and aluminum window design ranges offer architects and designers a versatile palette to create inviting, patient-centric spaces that promote patient well-being.


  • Daylight helps diminish pain 

The healing power of natural light cannot be underestimated. Research demonstrates a clear link between daylight or sunlight exposure and reduced pain intensity for patients suffering from chronic pain. Patients exposed to natural light experience faster recovery and increased comfort. Hydro Technal's large glazed surfaces and innovative window solutions, along with our aluminum window design enable architects to harness the benefits of daylight, creating healing environments that prioritize patient well-being.


  • Temperature control

Studies have shown that temperature plays a significant role in the health and well-being of individuals, particularly those with respiratory problems. Healthcare architecture must consider temperature control to ensure patient comfort and recovery. Hydro Technal's solutions are designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to a comfortable and sustainable healthcare environment.


  • Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just an environmental concern; it also has cost-saving potential. Artificial lighting alone accounts for approximately 20% of the total electricity used in healthcare facilities. Technal's commitment to sustainability aligns with our parent company, Hydro Group's goal to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. Our aluminum construction systems, such as curtain walls and windows, allow for energy-efficient design, reducing operational costs while benefiting the environment.

Requirements for effective healthcare buildings

  • Design
    As mentioned above, the physical appearance of a healthcare building plays a significant role in patient well-being. An attractive hospital fosters a sense of comfort and security among patients, their families, and medical staff. Hydro Technal's commitment to design excellence ensures that healthcare architects have many options. Our products offer versatility in color, finish, and design, allowing for tailored solutions that match various architectural styles.

  • Safety
    Healthcare facilities must prioritize safety, as they are open 24/7 and receive numerous visitors daily. Access control and security are paramount. Hydro Technal's curtain walls, aluminum window design, and door systems feature exceptional fire and burglary resistance options, enhancing overall security and ensuring the safety of patients and staff. Our high-resistance doors offer advanced access control, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Sun shading
    Complete darkness is crucial for patient rest and recovery. Hydro Technal offers a range of shading solutions, including brise-soleil, shutters, and integrated blinds, allowing for precise control of natural light in healthcare spaces. These solutions help create a comfortable environment for patients, ensuring they receive the rest they need for a swift recovery.

  • Accessibility
    Healthcare buildings must be accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. Hydro Technal's systems are designed with accessibility in mind, with easy wheelchair access and adaptable handles. Our commitment to ensuring inclusive healthcare spaces extends to their products' design and functionality.
  • Hygiene
    Hygiene is paramount in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of infections. Hydro Technal's partnership with Nanocoat® ensures that our aluminum handles have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, reducing the risk of disease transmission. Additionally, ventilation features in our products help maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment. Which further emphasizes the importance of aluminum solutions for healthcare buildings. 
  • Sustainability
    Energy-saving measures are crucial for lowering costs and protecting the environment. Hydro Technal's products are made with Hydro CIRCAL®, a premium quality aluminum range comprising at least 75% recycled aluminum. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also supports environmental sustainability. Our commitment to sustainable materials aligns with the broader goal of reducing CO2 emissions, making us a leader in aluminum architectural solutions.


Transforming healthcare building architecture with Technal

At Technal, we are passionate about reshaping healthcare architecture with innovative aluminum architectural solutions. We understand that healthcare is more than just treating ailments; it's about fostering well-being and healing in inspiring spaces. We invite you to contact us to embark on your journey towards transformative healthcare architecture. Together, we can create spaces that promote healing, elevate well-being, and embrace sustainability—spaces that embody the future of healthcare.

Reach out to us today today, and let's begin this inspiring journey together.