How Technal is Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Urban Landscape with Cutting-Edge Aluminum Solutions

How Technal is Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Urban Landscape


How Technal is Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Urban Landscape with Cutting-Edge Aluminum Solutions

Saudi Arabia is embarking on a transformative journey outlined by Vision 2030, a strategic roadmap that aims to diversify the economy beyond oil, enhance tourism, and host mega-events like Expo 2030 and the 2034 FIFA World Cup. Central to achieving these ambitious goals is the need for innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions. Among the key players driving this transformation is Technal, a leader in architectural aluminum building systems.


This blog explores how Technal’s cutting-edge solutions are shaping Saudi Arabia’s urban landscape, focusing on high-profile construction projects, integrating smart city technologies, and sustainable building practices.


A Legacy of Excellence


As Technal, we boast a strong track record in delivering premium aluminum solutions for landmark regional projects. With a history of successful projects such as Dubai’s Expo 2020 and Qatar’s World Cup, we are well-positioned to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s evolving infrastructure needs. Our expertise lies in providing fast, high-performing construction solutions tailored to the demands of the rapidly growing Saudi market.


Innovative Solutions for Iconic Projects


Sindalah Island in Neom

One of our flagship projects is Sindalah Island, part of the futuristic Neom city. Scheduled for completion by late 2025, this project exemplifies the integration of smart city technologies and sustainable building practices. Our involvement in Sindalah Island requires innovative materials and construction techniques to meet the project's unique demands. Technal’s sustainable aluminum systems support the island's environmental goals, ensuring the development aligns with Neom’s vision of a smart, sustainable urban environment.


King Salman Park in Riyadh


King Salman Park, set to become one of the world’s largest urban parks, is another significant project involving Technal. With a completion date of mid-2024, this park aims to improve Riyadh’s green footprint and promote environmental sustainability. Technal’s role involves providing high-quality aluminum solutions that meet stringent environmental standards. Our focus on sustainable practices ensures that King Salman Park will be a model of ecological urban development.


Overcoming Challenges with Expertise

Each project presents unique challenges, from managing the supply chain for high-quality materials to adhering to strict timelines. In the case of Sindalah Island, integrating smart technologies requires materials that can adapt to evolving architectural designs. For King Salman Park, the emphasis on sustainability demands aluminum solutions that minimize environmental impact. Our ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and adapt to on-the-ground changes highlights our expertise in handling complex projects.


Expanding Capabilities and Market Presence


To meet the growing demands of the Saudi construction sector, Technal is expanding our operational capacity and market presence. This includes recruiting skilled professionals to support an increasing scope of projects and bolstering expertise in sustainable construction practices. Additionally, we plan to expand our reach by increasing on-field support and growing our market presence in Saudi Arabia. This strategic expansion is complemented by a stronger focus on sustainability and promoting low-carbon solutions.


Sustainable Innovations


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our introduction of Circal, an innovative aluminum alloy made from at least 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum scrap. Adopting Circal in Technal systems has helped avoid 1.5 million tons of embodied CO2 emissions in over 500 projects. This significant reduction in carbon footprint aligns with global sustainability trends and local strategic goals, such as Saudi Vision 2030 and Saudi Green Initiatives.


Enhancing In-Country Value


Our focus on delivering a local supply of international aluminum building systems significantly contributes to the in-country value. Technal is playing a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure transformation by catering to various sectors, from luxury hotels to high-rise buildings. Our services include designing, manufacturing, and supplying premium, sustainable, energy-efficient architectural aluminum systems for windows, doors, facades, skylights, and pergolas.


Technal's Door and Window Solutions: SOLEAL, TITANE, AMBIAL, and SOLEAL Next


Technal offers a comprehensive range of aluminum door and window solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Saudi Arabia's growing infrastructure. Our SOLEAL, TITANE, AMBIAL, and SOLEAL Next products are designed for durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal.



SOLEAL doors are available in 55 mm and 65 mm module depths, offering complete thermal insulation suitable for various projects, from commercial buildings to private residences. These doors feature sleek designs with minimal aluminum visibility, providing a neat, high-performance solution. The 55 mm version offers single-action hinged doors, double-action pivot doors, and 'tube' doors. The 65 mm version supports larger dimensions up to 3 meters high and can handle weights up to 250 kg per leaf with concealed hinges, meeting market demands for robust and visually appealing doors.



The TITANE high-traffic door, with a 63 mm module, features a robust hinge system tested to over one million cycles. It is ideal for public buildings, schools, offices, and apartment blocks, offering high resistance to torsion and buckling. The TITANE door integrates security features such as electromagnetic closure systems, 3-point pivoting deadbolts, and concealed hinges, ensuring durability and safety.


AMBIAL Folding Doors

The AMBIAL folding door offers high-performance XXL openings that can be fully opened inwards or outwards, providing panoramic views and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. With a 75 mm module, AMBIAL doors can accommodate up to 10 leaves, supporting weights up to 150 kg per leaf. These doors guarantee thermal and acoustic performance, weather resistance, and a sleek design with concealed drainage and flush-fitting frames.


SOLEAL Next Windows

The SOLEAL Next window offers extensive solutions for architects and consultants, providing creative freedom in building design. Available in 65 mm and 75 mm modules, these windows provide multiple applications, from casement windows to patio doors and pivot frames. SOLEAL Next windows deliver high thermal, acoustic, and weather performance, meeting international regulatory requirements. These windows feature concealed hardware and drainage, various design options, and utilize Hydro Circal aluminum for sustainability.




Technal is a key partner in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards a sustainable future. Through innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainability, we are helping to shape the urban landscape of Saudi Arabia. Our involvement in iconic projects like Sindalah Island and King Salman Park showcases our ability to meet the unique challenges of large-scale developments. As Saudi Arabia continues implementing Vision 2030, Technal’s cutting-edge infrastructure solutions will play a crucial role in realizing the country’s ambitious goals.


By leveraging our regional headquarters in Riyadh and a network of authorized metal builders, Technal ensures that their projects meet national sustainability targets and market demands. This integrated approach positions Technal as a strong partner for Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure transformation, significantly contributing to the region’s urban landscape with innovative aluminum solutions.


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