Driving Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: The Role of Technal's Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

The Role of Technal's Innovative Infrastructure Solutions
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Driving Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: The Role of Technal's Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is a transformative economic and social reform blueprint that aims to diversify the kingdom's economy beyond oil dependence, enhance the quality of life for its citizens, and solidify its position on the global stage. Central to this ambitious vision is developing cutting-edge infrastructure that supports sustainable growth and innovation. Technal, a leading provider of architectural aluminum systems in the Middle East, is pivotal in realizing this vision through our innovative infrastructure solutions.


Pioneering Projects: Sindalah Island and King Salman Park

Our contribution to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is exemplified by our involvement in landmark projects such as Sindalah Island and King Salman Park. These projects are massive in scale and represent the future of sustainable urban development.


King Salman Park

King Salman Park in Riyadh is set to be one of the world's largest urban parks, covering over 16 square kilometers. This green oasis aims to enhance the capital's environmental footprint and provide a hub for recreational and cultural activities. Our involvement in this project began in late 2020, with completion expected by mid-2024. We were tasked with delivering infrastructure solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability, including energy-efficient aluminum doors and innovative door glass systems that align with the park's green objectives.


Sindalah Island

Located in the futuristic Neom city, Sindalah Island is poised to become a premier destination, blending luxury with sustainability. The project integrates smart city technologies and sustainable building practices. Our role in this project involves using our state-of-the-art aluminum systems, designed to meet the high durability and energy efficiency standards required for such a visionary endeavor.


Innovating with Sustainable Materials and Aluminum Systems


Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our contribution to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. We leverage advanced materials and innovative technologies to create infrastructure solutions that meet the kingdom's stringent environmental standards.


At the center of our offerings are our sustainable aluminum systems, designed to reduce construction projects' environmental impact. These systems include high-performance aluminum doors and door glass solutions that improve energy efficiency and minimize carbon footprints. Among the standout innovations is our use of Circal, an aluminum alloy made from at least 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum scrap. This material significantly lowers embodied CO2 emissions, making it a key component in sustainable building practices.


Technal's Aluminum Door Solutions: SOLEAL, TITANE, and AMBIAL


Technal offers a comprehensive range of aluminum door solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Saudi Arabia's growing infrastructure. Our SOLEAL, TITANE, and AMBIAL doors are designed for durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal.



SOLEAL doors are available in 55 mm and 65 mm module depths, offering complete thermal insulation suitable for various projects, from commercial buildings to private residences. These doors feature sleek designs with minimal aluminum visibility, providing a neat, high-performance solution. The 55 mm version offers single-action hinged doors, double-action pivot doors, and 'tube' doors. The 65 mm version supports larger dimensions up to 3 meters high and can handle weights up to 250 kg per leaf with concealed hinges, meeting market demands for robust and visually appealing doors.



The TITANE high-traffic door, with a 63 mm module, features a robust hinge system tested to over one million cycles. It is ideal for public buildings, schools, offices, and apartment blocks, offering high resistance to torsion and buckling. The TITANE door integrates security features such as electromagnetic closure systems, 3-point pivoting deadbolts, and concealed hinges, ensuring durability and safety.


AMBIAL Folding Doors

The AMBIAL folding door offers high-performance, XXL openings that can be fully opened inwards or outwards, providing panoramic views and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. With a 75 mm module, AMBIAL doors can accommodate up to 10 leaves, supporting weights up to 150 kg per leaf. These doors guarantee thermal and acoustic performance, weather resistance, and a sleek design with concealed drainage and flush-fitting frames.


Local Supply and In-Country Value


We ensure that our infrastructure solutions contribute to the kingdom's economic diversification goals by sourcing materials locally and partnering with regional manufacturers. This approach supports local businesses and reduces the environmental impact associated with transportation and logistics. As Saudi Arabia's construction sector grows, Technal is expanding its market presence and enhancing its operational capabilities to meet increasing demand.


Strategic Growth Initiatives


We plan to grow its business through several strategic initiatives to boost its operational capacity and market presence. This includes recruiting additional skilled professionals to support its expanding scope of projects and bolstering its expertise in sustainable construction practices.




Our innovative infrastructure solutions are integral to realizing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Through its commitment to sustainability, local supply, and cutting-edge technology, Technal is helping to shape a future where urban development is both advanced and environmentally responsible. Projects like Sindalah Island and King Salman Park are testaments to the company's ability to deliver high-performance, sustainable solutions that align with the kingdom's ambitious goals. As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards a diversified and sustainable economy, we remain a trusted partner in building a brighter, greener future.

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