Transforming Saudi Arabian Skylines: Technal’s Contributions to Iconic Construction Projects

Technal’s Contributions to Iconic Construction Projects
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Transforming Saudi Arabian Skylines: Technal’s Contributions to Iconic Construction Projects

Saudi Arabia is experiencing a transformation in its urban landscape, driven by the ambitious Vision 2030 plan. This strategic roadmap focuses on economic diversification, promoting tourism, and preparing the nation for mega-events like Expo 2030 and the 2034 FIFA World Cup. These developments require innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions, and Technal, a leader in architectural aluminum building systems, is at the forefront of this transformation.


Meeting the Demands of the Saudi Arabian Market


Technal, under the umbrella of HYDRO Building Systems Middle East, has a proven track record in the region, with successful projects for Dubai’s Expo 2020 and Qatar’s World Cup. This experience positions our company to meet the growing infrastructure needs of the Saudi Arabian market. We focus on fast and high-performing construction solutions that align perfectly with the rapid pace of development in Saudi Arabia.


We specialize in the local supply of international aluminum building systems, contributing significantly to the in-country value and supporting the ‘Saudi Made’ initiative. Our company's projects span various sectors, from luxury hotels to complex facades and high-rise buildings, demonstrating Technal’s versatility and expertise.


Sindalah Island: A Smart City Marvel


One of our high-profile projects is Sindalah Island, part of the futuristic Neom city. This project, which began in early 2021 and is expected to be completed by late 2025, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Sindalah Island requires the integration of smart city technologies and sustainable building practices. At Technal, we are innovating with advanced materials and construction techniques to meet these demands.


Neom’s broader scope calls for scalable solutions that adapt to evolving architectural designs. Technal’s ability to provide flexible and high-quality aluminum systems is crucial to the success of this ambitious project. Our company’s experience in handling complex projects ensures that Sindalah Island will be a beacon of modern, sustainable living.


King Salman Park: Enhancing Riyadh’s Green Footprint


Another significant project is King Salman Park in Riyadh, designed to be one of the world’s largest urban parks. The project, which started in late 2020 and is set to finish by mid-2024, focuses on environmental sustainability. Technal’s role involves meeting stringent environmental standards and contributing to the park’s green footprint.


The challenges of this project include managing the supply chain for high-quality materials and adhering to strict timelines. Technal’s expertise in sustainable infrastructure solutions ensures that King Salman Park will be a model for future urban green spaces.


Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Solutions


Technal’s innovative approach to construction is evident in our use of advanced methodologies and collaboration with leading technology firms. Our projects in Saudi Arabia are characterized by their scale and complexity. The primary challenges include managing supply chains, adhering to tight schedules, and ensuring construction practices meet futuristic and sustainable visions. Additionally, coordinating with multiple stakeholders and adapting to on-the-ground changes adds complexity.


Embracing Sustainability with Circal


Sustainability is at the core of Technal’s operations. Our company has introduced Circal, an innovative aluminum alloy made from at least 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum scrap. This product significantly enhances the sustainability profile of Technal’s offerings and has helped avoid 1.5 million tons of embodied CO2 emissions in more than 500 projects.


Technal’s commitment to sustainability aligns with global trends and local strategic goals, such as Saudi Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative. Our company’s focus on low-carbon solutions positions it as a leader in the decarbonization movement.


Expanding Capabilities and Market Presence


We plan to grow our business in Saudi Arabia through several strategic initiatives. These include expanding our team with skilled professionals to support an increasing scope of projects and bolstering expertise in sustainable construction practices. We also aim to improve our on-field support and market presence in the kingdom.


Our company has set up a dedicated 60,000 sq ft warehouse in Bahrain, where we have also built an experience center, along with another in Dubai. These developments represent a vertical and horizontal expansion of Technal’s capabilities, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.


A Vision for the Future


Technal’s regional headquarters in Riyadh and our network of authorized metal builders in the kingdom ensure our company is well-positioned to deliver top-tier sustainable solutions. This integrated approach makes Technal a strong partner for Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure transformation, ensuring that projects meet national sustainability targets and market demands.


Technal’s contributions to iconic construction projects like Sindalah Island and King Salman Park are transforming Saudi Arabian skylines. By focusing on innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions, Technal is helping to shape the future of urban landscapes in Saudi Arabia, aligning with the country’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan. Technal’s expertise and commitment to excellence will remain pivotal in building a sustainable and prosperous future as the nation continues to grow and develop.


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