Environmental Sustainability and User Comfort: The Double Skin Facade Solution

Double Skin Facade Solution
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Environmental Sustainability and User Comfort: The Double Skin Facade Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern architecture, the quest for sustainable approaches that seamlessly integrate with user comfort has become paramount. Addressing this need head-on, the Technal double-skin unitized facades offer a revolutionary approach that meets low carbon requirements and embraces a sustainable perspective throughout a building's lifecycle. Let's delve into the intricacies of this innovative double-skin facade technology and how it enhances environmental sustainability and elevates user comfort to unprecedented levels.


The importance of sustainability in construction: paving the way for a greener future

In an era where environmental consciousness is more critical than ever, the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. Integrating sustainable practices becomes imperative as we navigate modern architecture's complexities. The Technal double skin unitized facades, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like Hydro CIRCAL, epitomize a sustainable approach beyond conventional construction methods. Using low-carbon solutions reduces the environmental impact of buildings and aligns with the industry's responsibility to minimize its carbon footprint. Embracing sustainability in construction is not merely a trend; it's a commitment to fostering a greener, more resilient future. As we explore the innovative solutions offered by Technal, we witness how the marriage of sustainability and construction excellence paves the way for buildings that stand the test of time and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.


The double skin facade: a combination of sustainability and comfort

As modern buildings strive to harmonize with ecological, functional, and financial considerations, the Technal double-skin unitized facades emerge as optimal solutions for projects with high-performance demands and a focus on user comfort. Integrating double-glazed units creates a transparent design with pristine external and internal glass surfaces, offering ideal sound insulation for urban environments or areas adjacent to busy roads. Beyond aesthetics, these facades provide outstanding thermal insulation, optimizing functionality by allowing various building elements, solar shading, and functional components to integrate into the system seamlessly. The result is not just a facade but a dynamic system that maximizes solar energy utilization, reduces the impact of external weather conditions, and ensures superior user comfort with an exciting architectural expression.


Innovative sustainability: Technal CCF (Closed Cavity Facade)

Introducing the Technal CCF, an innovative closed double-skin facade system with reduced construction depth. This avant-garde system features fully sealed modules, stabilizing the insulation gap between layers by controlling the pressure and flow inside dry air. The integration of automated solar shading not only maximizes user comfort but also minimizes the need for cooling, resulting in exceptionally high thermal insulation. Technal CCF optimizes maintenance and cleaning, offering the benefits of a standard double-skin system while requiring the same level of maintenance as a standard single-skin facade. This makes Technal CCF an optimal solution for sustainable and efficient urban planning, representing a leap forward in pursuing environmental sustainability.


Low carbon solutions: Technal unitized facade system in double skin version

Technal's commitment to low-carbon solutions takes center stage with its double-skin facade system. Comprising two facade layers, the outer layer typically consists of non-insulated glass in front of an internal heat-insulated facade with opening sashes. This combination, tailored to individual projects, ensures the optimum solution for projects with high functional and performance requirements. Integrating opening units and ventilation systems into the facade meets project requirements and significantly enhances user comfort. The synergistic combination of the Technal facade system with integrated opening units from our window series enables the creation of individual solutions that are fully adaptable and supplemented with numerous additional functions.


TENTAL by Technal: redefining architectural creativity with sustainable innovation

In the realm of architectural creativity, Technal introduces TENTAL, a groundbreaking concept that transcends the boundaries of traditional facades. TENTAL offers a unique aluminum facade with interior and exterior views of 50 or 60 mm, allowing architects to unleash their creativity with maximized glass surfaces. What sets TENTAL apart is its aesthetic flexibility and the ingenuity embedded in its design, marked by four new patents that streamline manufacturing and installation processes. This concept seamlessly integrates with TECHNAL's extensive range of windows, doors, and sliding doors, allowing for a harmonious fusion of design elements.

As a testament to its environmental dedication, TENTAL is currently securing "Cradle-to-Cradle" certification, positioning itself to qualify for major ecological labels. The characteristics of this facade extend its influence beyond the realm of design, contributing significantly to the construction of sustainable buildings, reaching up to the standards of a "Passive house." TENTAL becomes more than a facade; it symbolizes responsible construction, embodying Technal's commitment to advancing architecture that inspires and contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Explore the future of sustainable architecture

Take the first step towards a future where buildings are not just structures but living, breathing entities that prioritize the well-being of inhabitants and the planet. Explore the innovative possibilities of Technal's unitized facade systems, and join us in defining a new standard for construction—one that is not just about erecting buildings but about creating environments that stand as testaments to a harmonious coexistence with nature. Visit our website today and witness how Technal is shaping the future of sustainable architecture, one facade at a time.