Technal's Regional Headquarters in Riyadh and Saudi Vision 2030

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Technal Middle East


Technal's Regional Headquarters in Riyadh and Saudi Vision 2030

Technal is expanding its global presence in the Middle East. In July 2023, we formally established Technal Middle East with a brand new regional headquarters in Riyadh, the dynamic capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With an expert team of professionals in our brand-new space, Technal looks forward to the continued growth and development of our organization, and to expanded partner success. In this new chapter in our organization’s history, we will continue to deliver technical expertise, personalized support, and tailored, innovative low carbon solutions that meet and surpass unique project requirements.

Our expansion into Riyadh empowers Technal and its partners with a thriving environment for growth, collaboration, and architectural innovation. Establishing our regional headquarters in this vibrant city allows us to solidify our presence in the Middle East, where we can continue to leverage the wealth of opportunities ready to be harnessed. Riyadh and the Kingdom at large present the perfect arena for Technal’s clear vision to shape the future of construction in the region.

Through close collaboration with our esteemed Middle East partners, Technal drives sustainability and energy efficiency while elevating architectural standards. We continue to shape the future of construction through excellence and innovation! Opening our new Riyadh regional headquarters is a milestone in Technal’s long history.

Technal is transforming the construction industry

From our origins in France more than 60 years ago, Technal has evolved into a global, industry-recognized low carbon solutions organization that has transformed construction and residential design across new builds and renovations. As market leaders in building systems, we enhance and transform built spaces with sustainable, low-carbon aluminum construction systems spanning façades and curtain walls, doors, windows, sliding doors, balustrades, and pergolas. With Technal, you do not simply bring a project to life; you enhance it beyond what was envisioned. As we further our presence in the Middle East through our new regional headquarters, Technal is ready to shape the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia too.

How Technal is embracing Saudi Vision 2030

As we establish ourselves in Riyadh, Technal Middle East welcomes the plan and ethos of Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s roadmap for the future. Launched in 2016, Saudi Vision 2030 is a strategic framework and long-term development plan that will transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a dynamic and globally competitive economy by 2030.

Some of Saudi Vision 2030’s key objectives

  • Diversification of the economy. By reducing its reliance on oil revenue, Saudi Arabia will diversify its economy through the development of other sectors, such as technology and renewable energy.
  • Enhancement of infrastructure. By developing its infrastructure, transportation, energy, and other sectors, Saudi Arabia will bolster economic growth and quality of life for citizens of the Kingdom.
  • Development of privatization and public-private partnerships. By privatizing key government assets and encouraging public-private partnerships, Saudi Arabia will improve efficiency while developing private sector expertise across industries, such as architecture and construction.
  • Development of tourism, culture, and entertainment. By enhancing existing infrastructure, public spaces, and attractions, Saudi Arabia will create a thriving tourism sector and enhance the quality of life for citizens through the development of attractive, dynamic spaces.
  • Integration of sustainable, environmentally-conscious development. By focusing on multiple sustainability objectives, such as renewable energy, environmental protection, and the construction of sustainable cities, Saudi Arabia will transform future development with investments in public transportation, green spaces, and smart infrastructure, reducing congestion, pollution, and resource consumption.

Saudi Vision 2030 aims to invoke a shift in the Kingdom’s trajectory, transforming Saudi Arabia into a diversified, future-forward economy that maintains its social and cultural values. The Vision will utilize sustainable development and economic diversification to achieve its goals, and it is thanks to this that Technal Middle East is proudly in alignment with the dynamic plans of the Kingdom. Through energy-efficient solutions and sustainable architectural designs that resonate with the aims outlined, Technal is perfectly positioned to contribute to the Vision.

Technal Middle East is ready to collaborate with the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry of Saudi Arabia, working together to design and develop innovative construction and renovation solutions for clients across the Kingdom. We offer constructive aluminum solutions for living architecture, transforming the Saudi landscape. Technal collaborates with global professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sectors, striving for excellence through our ingrained core values of design, quality, and innovative techniques and products.

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