Enhancing Building Ventilation with Technal Unitized Facade Systems

Technal Unitized Facade Systems
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Enhancing Building Ventilation with Technal Unitized Facade Systems

In building design, the importance of effective ventilation cannot be overstated. It is crucial to ensure building comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Unitized facades and curtain wall facade systems have emerged as innovative solutions to create well-ventilated buildings. As a leader in facade technology, Technal has developed advanced unitized facade systems that enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings and significantly improve ventilation. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of leveraging Technal facades in your next building project.


The importance of ventilation in buildings

Ventilation plays a crucial role in the health and comfort of building occupants. It's essential for maintaining good air quality, removing pollutants, and managing humidity levels. In today's architectural designs, especially in dense urban environments, effective ventilation is a health necessity and a key component in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Technal's unitized facade systems are designed to integrate ventilation seamlessly into the building's structure, ensuring that fresh air circulation is a core aspect of the architectural plan. This approach is vital in modern health concerns, such as the spread of airborne diseases, where proper ventilation can significantly reduce risks.

In addition to functional benefits, Technal's unitized facades also focus on the aesthetic integration of ventilation solutions. These systems ensure that ventilation components complement the building's overall design rather than detracting from it. This integration is achieved through innovative designs that make ventilation units a part of the building's visual appeal. Combining functionality with aesthetics, Technal's facade systems enhance the building's performance and create more sustainable, healthier, visually appealing living and working spaces.

Technal’s innovative ventilation solutions

Technal’s curtain wall facade system incorporates state-of-the-art ventilation units and opening windows, seamlessly blending functionality with design. The system’s versatility allows customized solutions that meet specific project requirements without compromising aesthetics. Let’s explore this facade solution in more detail:


  1. Facade-integrated window units

Integrating window units into the facade is a standout feature of Technal’s innovative design approach. These units are adaptable and versatile and seamlessly blend with glass facades and roofs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Technal's range caters to architectural requirements, offering options for inward and outward opening systems with manual or motorized control flexibility. This adaptability allows architects and designers to choose the perfect fit for their specific design and performance needs.


Moreover, Technal's focus on detailed design is evident in the slim profile geometry of these windows. This design choice ensures that the windows are not just functional elements but also contribute to the facade’s visual harmony. The windows can be tailored to meet specific thermal insulation requirements, providing energy efficiency without compromising style. Technal's facade-integrated window units offer the perfect solution, balancing high functionality with an elegant, unobtrusive design, whether for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional appearance.


Available window types

Technal’s unitized facade systems include a variety of window types:


  • Inward-opening turn/tilt-turn/tilt
  • Outward-opening top-hung/side-hung
  • Outward-opening Italian sash
  • Pivot window, horizontal or vertical


These options allow architects and designers to choose the best fit for their projects, ensuring optimal ventilation and aesthetic coherence.


Facade-integrated structural glazing

Our facade-integrated structural glazing is a key component of Technal’s innovative product range and represents an ideal fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This integrated window system is specifically designed to enhance building ventilation, and its availability in automated versions adds a layer of modern convenience and efficiency. The slim frame design is a standout feature, maximizing transparency and providing ultra-thin exterior sight lines. This design makes it exceptionally suitable for all-glass and standard facades, allowing architects and designers to create visually stunning and highly functional spaces.

In addition to its sleek appearance, our facade-integrated structural glazing contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of buildings. The technology allows for optimal thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and contributing to a building's sustainability. The all-glass window option, available in top-hung or parallel-opening versions, further enhances the facade's visual appeal, creating a seamless and elegant look. This integration of advanced technology with cutting-edge design makes Technal an exemplary choice for those seeking to combine contemporary aesthetics with practical, energy-efficient solutions in their building designs.


Facade-integrated ventilation unit

Incorporating a thermally insulated ventilation unit, Technal’s curtain wall facades take building ventilation to a new level of sophistication and functionality. This unit is not just a practical solution for air circulation; it's also a design element that enhances the overall aesthetic of the facade. Seamlessly integrated, it maintains the sleek look of the facade while fulfilling essential ventilation requirements. The design versatility of this unit allows for the creation of unique colored detailing on the facade, offering architects and designers an opportunity to add a distinctive visual element to their projects.

The functionality of these ventilation units extends beyond mere aesthetics. They are engineered to provide optimal indoor climate control, catering to centralized and individual preferences. This flexibility is crucial in modern buildings where different zones may have varying ventilation needs. The units' ability to blend in with the facade design gives the appearance of a cohesive and uninterrupted exterior. At the same time, their internal mechanisms work efficiently to ensure a comfortable indoor environment.

Moreover, these facade-integrated ventilation units testify to Technal’s commitment to providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. By facilitating effective air circulation, they reduce the need for mechanical ventilation systems, lowering energy consumption and enhancing the building's environmental footprint. This integration of form and function exemplifies Technal’s approach to innovative building solutions, where every element is designed to contribute to both the aesthetic value and the practical performance.


Technal solutions for safe, pleasant indoor environments

Technal’s unitized facade systems are at the forefront of integrating ventilation into building design. By offering a range of window and ventilation options that can be discreetly integrated or used as design features, Technal provides architects and builders with the tools to create visually stunning, healthy, and comfortable buildings for occupants. As the industry continues to evolve, Technal’s innovative approach to facade systems sets a new standard in building design, where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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