MX Sloped Glazing

Imaginative Façade Design

The MX system allows sloped glazing to be created in MX Visible Grid or MX Trame Verticale, giving specifiers the flexibility to construct sloped roofs, atria, canopies, valleys and pyramids, which are fully compatible and visually consistent with the vertical façade.

MX Visible Grid

Specially designed capping.  A special transom cap for the horizontal and vertical profiles reduces the collection of water on the slope.

MX Trame Verticale

Minimising deflection.  There are vertical caps and silicone sealant on the transom with pressure blocks to prevent deflection of the glass under negative wind load pressure.

Glazing units.  The double glazed units are manufactured using structural silicone sealant.

Incline options.  A minimum slope is available of 10º for single glazed units and 15º for double glazing.