Architectural aluminium glazing systems specialist, Technal, has published new test results for its FXi65 parallel opening window – an option in the FXi casement suite for applications where there is a need to ensure the maximum exchange of fresh air with the minimum draught.


In independent tests to BS 6375-1, the system achieved class 4 for air permeability, E900 for water tightness, and CE2400 for wind resistance. 


The parallel opening window uses an open-out square drive vent system, which has the benefit of specially engineered 17mm parallel opening stack height hinges.  Exclusive to Technal, these hinges have additional load-bearing capacity that will deliver clear unrestricted openings of 100mm and 150mm.  This feature ensures a high level of security whilst allowing fresh air to be drawn in at the bottom of the window and stale air to be expelled at the top.  There is also the option to adjust the ratio of air flow demand according to the window size.


The result is far superior natural ventilation which is almost double that of a top hung window.


Other features of this window option include:


• Full compatibility with the other options in the FXi65 casement suite for consistency of sight lines for a high standard of aesthetics, and the same handles as the open-out vent on friction hinges
• A robust multi-point espagnolette locking system for secure, long-term performance
• Options for use as a stand-alone, punch hole window, in composite configurations or insertions into both Technal’s GEODE-MX curtain walling or MODAL low rise glazing
• The choice of manual operation using a cockspur handle or fully automated with the addition of electrical actuators that can be used in conjunction with the building management system
• Two-point night vents.


The window is available in a range of sizes up to 1500mm wide by 2200mm high for manual operation, up to 1800mm wide by 2200mm high for automatic opening and a maximum weight of 100kg.


As with all Technal façade products, this system has been ITT tested for compliance with CE Marking in advance of the new requirements that came into force from July 2013.


The FXi65 casement window suite accommodates 17mm up to 48mm glazing units and features a 19mm flush polyamide thermal break and innovative gasket detailing for enhanced thermal performance.  There is the option of attractive curved profiles for added visual appeal, and a flat-faced profile.  FXi65 is available in a choice of configurations, including fixed lights, top, side and bottom hung, pivot, tilt/turn and tilt/slide, as well as a composite open-out system which can be glazed from the outside, and the parallel opening window.


For further information about the FXi65 window suite, call 01924 232323 or email